Away&Co Launches Away Exotics; Travel Experiences That Take Guests Beyond the Ordinary

By NewsVoir

Away&Co has introduced Away Exotics, a series of unparalleled travel experiences designed to transcend the ordinary. Starting with two exceptional trips – The iconic Rio Carnival and to Jordan & Israel, this years offerings are meticulously curated for small and intimate groups, ensuring highly immersive experiences. These special trips offer individuals the opportunity to explore each destination in the company of like-minded people, creating unforgettable memories and connections for life.

Rio Carnival by Away&Cos Away Exotics

Created to offer each guest a fascinating experience of each destination, an Away&Co journey makes it possible for guests to soak in the vibrant local cultures as well its natural beauties. The experiences range from participating in local festivals, staying in the most exotic locations, relishing authentic dining experiences at renowned restaurants or culinary experiences led by skilled local chefs, and much more. These opportunities allow travellers to embark on a delightful exploration of their unique taste preferences and culinary curiosities.

Commenting on the launch of Away Exotics, Ruchi Kohli, Chief of The Experience at Away&Co, stated, “True to our tagline of ‘Be the one that got away‘, we have created an immersion into the cultural extravagance of the Rio Carnival, to allow our guests to get up-close with Bloco costumes and the gigantic floats, to the samba music and scrumptious feijoadas. Were thrilled to kickstart the Away Exotics series with a never before trip to Jordan and Israel. As we embark on this exciting adventure, our plan is to curate more special yet exclusive experiences under in the future.

The exclusive travel brand has a range of distinctive offerings, apart the latest Away Exotics. These encompass various pillars, which they call ‘Away Absolutes‘ such as Away to Authentic Stays, where guests stay in authentic accommodations true to the destination they are in, Away to Immerse, which focuses on deep cultural engagement; Away to Local Dining, offers culinary adventures in local flavors, and Away to Be Responsible, which focuses on responsible travel practices across all of the Away&Co programs. In the upcoming months, the brand is set to unveil more than six such extraordinary experiences. Each of these experiences is carefully designed to provide travelers with unique and unforgettable journeys that transcend traditional travel boundaries.

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