CanAm Brings Personal, One-On-One EB-5 Focus to India During September

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Unlocking the benefits of the EB-5 visa begins when Indian investors and their families can get access to detailed answers to all their questions about America’s immigration-by-investment program. That’s why licensed industry professionals from CanAm Enterprises (“CanAm“), one of the leading EB-5 regional centers, are coming to several cities in India mid-September, inviting anyone seeking out EB-5 information to meet for in-depth personal consultations or connect at one of the company’s regional conference presentations on EB-5 visa awareness.

Indians seeking immigration options to the U.S. are encountering an increasing number of obstacles so they’re looking more closely at the EB-5 visa as a more workable alternative that also offers a clear path to U.S. residency,” said Peter Calabrese, CEO at CanAm Investor Services, a FINRA-registered broker dealer affiliated with CanAm Enterprises.

On September 16, Mr. Calabrese will be a featured speaker at the EB-5 and Global Immigration Expo in Mumbai. “In addition to having a representative on the ground in the region, CanAm personnel travel frequently from our headquarters in New York to meet with Indian investors and families so they can get the answers they need to make informed EB-5 decisions. We look forward to another return visit to India and helping interested parties understand and navigate this visa route to permanent U.S. residency,” he said.

Along with Mr. Calabrese, CanAm’s Director of Relationship Management, Joan Hull, and Vice President – India and GCC, Piyush Gupta, will be traveling throughout India from September 12 – 21. Mr. Gupta will also be a featured speaker at IIUSA’s EB-5 Event Passport series in some of India’s largest financial and economic hubs, sharing his market insights at Passport events on September 7th in Chennai and September 9th in Bengaluru.

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About EB-5 Visa

Administered by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the EB-5 Visa Program provides qualified foreign investors and their family members the opportunity to earn conditional visas in return for investing $800,000 in job-creating development projects located in high-unemployment areas of the United States. The new EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022, which became effective on May 14, 2022, instituted a host of integrity and other rules to enhance the EB-5 Program.

About CanAm Enterprises

CanAm Enterprises, with over three decades of experience promoting immigration-linked investments in the US and Canada, has a proven track record of success. With over 60 financed projects and $3 billion in raised EB-5 investments, CanAm has earned a reputation for credibility and trust. To date, CanAm has repaid more than $2.24 billion in EB-5 capital from over 4,500 families. CanAm manages several USCIS-designated regional centers that stretch across multiple states.

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Disclaimer: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. EB-5 related decisions should be guided by the advice of and consultation with professional immigration attorneys, tax and financial advisors. Investments made through the U.S. EB-5 program must be “at risk” in the same way that investments in stocks or equity funds carry an inherent risk. There is no guaranteed financial return.

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