Conde Nast Traveller Features The Blue Yonder from India Amongst the Best Places to Go in 2024

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The Blue Yonder, a pioneering responsible travel company in India, is featured in Conde Nast Travellers highly anticipated 2024 list, “The Best Places to Go in Asia.” The esteemed travel publication showcases a comprehensive array of destinations across Asia, curated for travellers seeking diverse and immersive experiences in the upcoming year.

The feature highlights destinations offering a rich tapestry of cultural events, sustainable initiatives, natural allure, historical significance, and modern advancements in infrastructure. Amidst these enticing locations, Kochi, in Kerala is the only destination from India present in the article as stood out for its remarkable array of offerings.

Conde Nast Travellers selection of Kochi underscores its commitment to promoting sustainable activities within the travel landscape. Kochis appeal lies not only in its cultural and historical significance but also in its dedication to providing environmentally conscious and eco-friendly attractions for both domestic and global travellers.

The Blue Yonder, recognized in the feature for offering immersive travel experiences, stands as a beacon for responsible tourism in India. The company prides itself on delivering travel encounters steeped in sustainability through a range of innovative initiatives. Drawing inspiration from Kochis iconic historic Chinese nets, The Blue Yonder has crafted an unparalleled dining experience in the village of Ezhikkara, an endeavour that melds climate adaptability with culinary delight.

Nilavala, conceptualized by Gopinath Parayil, the visionary founder behind The Blue Yonder and a trailblazer in the realm of responsible tourism, showcases innovation in culinary experiences. This unique dining concept offers travellers an exquisite experience, where meals are served atop Chinese fishing nets, after an hour-long punting in the river.

The Blue Yonder extends unparalleled opportunities for travellers to immerse themselves in conservation-focused activities, including explorations of mangrove trails and visits to climate-resilient Pokkali rice farms.

Additionally, The Blue Yonder introduces revamped Nila River voyages, offering two-week odysseys along Kerala’s cultural lifeline, spanning from the Palakkad gap to Ponnani. This expedition represents a harmonious blend of heritage and exploration, allowing travellers to traverse the states cultural artery. The Blue Yonders offerings highlight their dedication to promoting sustainable tourism and creating meaningful connections between travellers and heritage-rich landscapes.

Gopinath Parayil, Founder of The Blue Yonder, expressed gratitude for the recognition, stating, “Were honoured to be part of Conde Nast Travellers prestigious list, and we remain committed to showcasing Keralas cultural and ecological richness through responsible tourism.”

Uzbekistans Silk Road cities that are becoming more accessible via high-speed rail. Kathmandu Valley in Nepal that boasts lesser-known walking trails and cultural festivals. Kobe in Japan with its design scene and creative spaces. Bangkoks Chinatown which is experiencing a culinary renaissance. Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE which is offering adventure sports and unique accommodations. These are just a few of the enticing tourist destinations highlighted in the list across 11 countries in Asia.

Conde Nast Traveller is indeed renowned in the realm of tourism and travel media on a global scale.

About The Blue Yonder
The Blue Yonder is a pioneering, responsible travel company extending an invite to explore the extraordinary – a gateway to the heart of places and people. Their expertise lies in uncovering the distinctive qualities of every destination and its inhabitants and sharing these discoveries with their visitors. While they traverse the world, their unwavering commitment remains rooted in environmental conservation, heritage preservation, and community empowerment. The Blue Yonder invites travellers to join them in the mission of creating better places to live and visit.

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