From the capital to Siberia: 30 Indian travel companies visited Moscow and Tyumen

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Representatives of 30 Indian travel companies visited Moscow to learn about a new tourism project

Russian holidays: From the capital of Russia to the capital of Siberia” and establish business contacts with representatives of the Russian tourism industry

The project “Russian holidays: From the capital of Russia to the capital of Siberia” was presented at a B2B session organized jointly by the Moscow City Tourism Committee and Aeroflot on 31st August 2023. As part of the project, Indian travelers will have the opportunity to discover the beautiful sights of Moscow and the mysteries of Siberia, explore the Siberian capital, Tyumen, soak in thermal springs, and try local cooking.

Representatives of Indian travel companies attending the opening speech at the ceremony

Members of the Indian delegation participated in over 800 negotiations that took place between companies, thus significantly expanding the number of potential service providers and the range of options available for Indian tourists.

Evgeny Kozlov, Chairman of the Moscow City Tourism Committee said, “Meetings like this enable us to tell our colleagues from abroad about tourism products and introduce Indian travel companies to what the capital has to offer. Indian tour operators traditionally highlight the developed hotel and exhibition center infrastructure of the Russian capital, and consider it important that Moscow tourism operators are familiar with the tastes of Indian tourists and the specific demands of the Indian market. I am confident that the strengthening and development of cooperation between travel companies in our countries can help increase the number of Indian tourists who discover Moscow and other Russian cities. This is a fine opportunity to combine two regions that offer a wealth of sights and activities.”

The representatives from Indian tourism companies expressed that their visit had opened up new avenues for bringing more Indian tourists to Russia. They expressed confidence that the number of Indian tourists would steadily increase, especially with the assistance of the new simplified visa regime.

Jay Saraogi, Director of HolidayTripster said, “Until recently it was expensive and took a long time to get a Russian visa. But now our tourists can get a visa in 4 days and stay in Russia for 16 days. In the past, we worked with a small group of Russian tourism operators. In the capital, we were able to extend our contact networks and I am now sure that, whatever the client’s request, I can find a suitable tour.”

Mahid Mangwani, Director of TravelCanvas stated, “We have been doing business in Russia since 2016. I always recommend my clients to visit Moscow – It has great infrastructure, spectacular buildings, a highly developed and convenient public transport system, clean roads, and high standards of driving. And I am glad that now Indian tourists will be able to learn more about both Moscow and Siberia. I am sure that these destinations will be popular with our tourists.”

Indian tourism operators pointed out several advantages of Moscow as a destination, including its high standards of hospitality and safety, one of the worlds most beautiful metro systems, a diverse cultural scene, vibrant nightlife, and delicious cuisine.

Pankaj Sharma, Branch Manager at Akbar Group said, “Since food holds significant importance for Indian tourists when traveling abroad, its worth noting that Moscow boasts a wide array of Indian restaurants that serve authentic cuisine. I highly recommend our tourists to consider visiting Russia for this reason.”

Moscow provides visitors with numerous opportunities for cultural tourism and the chance to enjoy nature as well. The capital has over 10,000 theatres, museums, libraries, parks, cinemas and concert halls. In the last 10 years, around 900 parks and green spaces have been modernized. The city also has a whopping 18,500 cafes and catering establishments, including Indian restaurants. For those seeking cityscape views, there are several options in Moscow, including riding the Moscow cable car, visiting the observation decks of skyscrapers, exploring the hanging bridge at Zaryadye Park, and checking out viewpoints in the city center and other areas of the capital.

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