Railways Launch Special Trains for Mahashivratri Fair: Pre-Fair Offerings Begin Today

Mahashivratri, the festival commemorating the adoration and worship of Lord Shiva, is a revered occasion in the Hindu calendar. It symbolizes the jubilant celebration of devotion to Bhola Nath, the auspicious deity. With the anticipation building up, Mahashivratri is scheduled to be observed on March 8, 2024. 

Even before Mahashivratri arrives, the railway department has already provided a piece of exciting news, sparking enthusiasm among devotees. As the countdown begins, devotees eagerly await the divine festivities that mark the essence of Mahashivratri.

Devotees Receive Grand Welcome: Mahashivratri Fair in Junagadh

Between March 4, 2024, and March 9, 2024, a grand Mahashivratri fair is set to take place in Junagadh, Gujarat. With meticulous attention to the needs of Shiva devotees, the railway authorities have decided to operate a special train between Junagadh and Kansiya Nes during the festivities. 

To ensure hassle-free experiences for attendees, particularly travelers, confirmed tickets will be easily obtainable during the fair period. Consequently, a decision has been made to add seven additional coaches to accommodate the surge in passenger traffic during this auspicious event. Thus, devotees can anticipate a smooth and delightful journey to partake in the sacred celebrations of Mahashivratri.

Train Schedule: Junagadh to Kansiya Nes Special Train

As per the information provided by the railway authorities, the special train departing from Junagadh towards Kansiya Nes for the Mahashivratri fair will depart from Junagadh at 11:10 in the morning. It is anticipated that the train will reach Kansiya Nes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes later, adhering to the schedule provided.

Train Route and Stops: Junagadh to Kansiya Nes Special Train

If we discuss the return journey, this train will depart from Kansiya Nes around 01:40 in the afternoon and is expected to arrive in Junagadh at approximately 3:50 in the afternoon. The stops for this train include Toraniya, Bilkhadi, Juni Chavand, Visavadar, and Satadhara.

Notice Regarding Train Numbers and Coach Allocation

Please take note of the following train numbers and coach allocations:

  • Train Number 22957/22958, operating on the Veraval-Ahmedabad-Veraval route, will feature 3 general coaches.
  • Train Number 19119/19120, traveling on the Somnath-Ahmedabad-Somnath route, will also have 3 general coaches.
  • Train Number 09514/09513, running on the Veraval-Rajkot-Veraval route, will be equipped with 4 general coaches.
  • Likewise, Train Number 09522/09521, on the Veraval-Rajkot-Veraval route, will contain 3 general coaches.
  • Additionally, Train Number 09539/09540, serving the Amreli-Junagadh-Amreli meter gauge route, will accommodate 4 general coaches.

Additional Coaches Added to Trains

Following the recent updates, the railway department has decided to add extra coaches to certain trains:

  • Train Number 09531/09532, operating on the Junagadh-Delvada-Junagadh meter gauge route, will now feature 4 general coaches.
  • Similarly, Train Number 09566/09567, serving the Bhavnagar-Veraval-Bhavnagar route, will have 2 general coaches added to its composition.

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