Exclusive VIP Access to Explore Divine Proximity at Dakor – Only ₹500 Charge!

Experience Exclusive VIP Entry at Renowned Dakor Pilgrimage: No Extra Charges by Temple Management! This Privilege Commences Every Thursday, Spearheaded by Dakor Temple Committee. Proceeds from VIP Passes Contribute to Temple Development.

VIP Darshan Charges Now Applicable for Divine Proximity at Dakor Temple. The Temple Committee, after thorough discussion with Trust Members and Volunteers, has decided to introduce a nominal charge of INR 500 for close Darshan of Thakorji’s blessed idol during the soulful Kirtan session. Men can avail Darshan for INR 500, and women, for INR 250. Moreover, children below 12 years can enjoy free Darshan, and families with kids will also be accommodated. This service commenced last Thursday, making it convenient for devotees. Similar to other temples, Dakor Temple is adapting to this approach for VIP Darshan.

Coins’ Utilization to Contribute to Temple’s Development: Committee Chairman.

The Dakor Temple Committee Chairman, Parindubhai Bhagat, mentioned that this decision was made after thorough discussions with the trust members and volunteers. The collected funds will be directed towards the development of Dakor Temple. No other purpose will be served by these donations.

No Charges for Routine Darshan: Manager Jagdishbhai Dave.

Temple management’s Manager, Jagdishbhai Dave, stated that no charges will be levied for routine darshan. Devotees can have darshan of the deity free of cost as usual. However, due to increased demand for closer darshan, a system has been introduced to accommodate this request. While previously, such a system existed only for VIPs, now regular devotees can also have darshan using this arrangement.

Displeasure Among Devotees Over VIP Entry.

Nileshbhai Mehta, who came from Surat to have darshan at Dwarkadhish Temple, expressed that profiting from Bhagavan’s name is condemnable. Such practices should not exist, for God is universal and holds the same place for all. Our desire is that this trend should be halted immediately. Another devotee was informed that the current culture is inappropriate. Using money to facilitate darshan is not fitting for devotees.

Decision to Restrict Thin Attire for Darshan.

In the renowned pilgrimage of Dakor, a while ago, devotees were restricted from entering the temple premises wearing thin attire, including Vaishnavas. This decision was taken to uphold the dignity of Hindu culture. Devotees believe that donning such attire while having darshan is disrespectful to the divine presence. The Dakor Ranchoji Temple Trust had recognized this significance and implemented this measure. Previously, a similar regulation was introduced, resulting in notices being put up to bring attention to this matter.

Special Appeal to Devotees.

As conveyed earlier by Temple’s Charge Manager Ravindra Upadhyay, a similar regulation was in place before, and an appeal was made. Today, reaffirming this decision, notices along with pamphlets are being posted within the temple premises. Devotees are earnestly requested to adhere to this guideline.

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