250 Indians Involved in Cyber Scam Return from Cambodia; Allegedly Involved in ₹500 Crore Scam

250 Indians stranded in Cambodia have been brought back to the country, with 75 individuals rescued in the last three months alone. This information was provided by spokesperson Randeep Jayaswal of the Ministry of External Affairs.

Jayaswal stated, “These Indians were lured to Cambodia with promises of employment. Subsequently, they were engaged in cyber fraud-related activities. Nearly 5,000 Indians are currently stranded in Cambodia, and efforts are underway to repatriate them.”

According to reports from the Ministry of External Affairs, Indians in Cambodia were held forcibly. They were obliged to engage in cyber activities with Indian citizens. It’s estimated that in the last six months, those engaging in cyber activities in India have transferred around ₹500 crore to Cambodia.

Cambodian Government Assists

Jayaswal mentioned that the Indian Embassy in Cambodia has been actively assisting Indian nationals. The embassy, along with Cambodian authorities, rescued and repatriated 250 Indian citizens. The Ministry of External Affairs has issued warnings to Indian citizens to beware of fraudulent schemes.

“We are prepared to assist all Indians in Cambodia who seek our support. We will work with Cambodian authorities and Indian security agencies to apprehend those responsible for these fraudulent schemes,” Jayaswal added.

Fake Profiles Targeting Indian Nationals

According to media reports, Indians who were victims of cyber scams in Cambodia were contacted by individuals posing as Enforcement Directorate (ED) and other customs officers. They were told that suspicious items were found in parcels sent by them and were asked to pay money to avoid police action. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, such extortion schemes have led Indian nationals into cyber slavery in Cambodia.

One individual who managed to return from Cambodia shared their ordeal with the English media house “The Indian Express.” They revealed that an agent from Mangalore offered them a job in data entry in Cambodia. Later, two more people were lured into going to Cambodia. They were told they were getting tourist visas. Upon arrival in Cambodia, they were taken to an office, where they were subjected to a typing speed test and an interview. However, they were not informed about their job duties.

After joining the office, they learned that their job was to make fake Facebook profiles using women’s names to trap Indians. A team from China handled all these tasks on behalf of the individual. An individual from Malaysia translated their instructions into English.

Indian Nationals Not Registering FIRs Upon Return

Abraham, the secretary of the Indian Embassy in Cambodia, revealed that they receive four to five complaints daily from Indians across various parts of Cambodia. They complain about being cheated by promises of returning to India and being forced to engage in fraudulent activities. Complaints are filed only when they return.

Abraham said, “There is a systemic problem in these cases. Until an FIR is registered, the police cannot arrest the gang. Those Indians who are misled with false promises of employment and sent to Cambodia are not registering FIRs.

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