Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Unveiled: 200MP AI Camera and Real-time Call Translation, Starting at ₹66,477

Samsung Launches Galaxy S24 Series with Advanced AI Features

South Korean tech giant Samsung has unveiled its latest and most powerful smartphone series, the Galaxy S24, globally, including in India. The series comprises the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24. Pre-booking for all three smartphones has commenced, and their official sale will begin soon.

During an event at the San Jose SAP Center in California on Thursday night (January 17), Samsung introduced the Galaxy S24 series, showcasing several advanced AI features. The smartphones offer capabilities such as AI Note Assist, Chat Assist, Interpreter, Photomojis, Circle to Search, and Real-Time Language Translation.

Key Features:

  1. AI Note Assist: This feature aids users in note-taking, leveraging AI assistance to enhance the overall experience.
  2. Chat Assist: The Chat Assist function is designed to streamline and improve messaging interactions on the Galaxy S24 series.
  3. Interpreter: With the Interpreter feature, users can benefit from real-time language translation, facilitating seamless communication across languages.
  4. Photomojis: The AI-based Photo Assist tool enables users to edit images by removing or relocating objects. Additionally, the tool suggests enhancements for photo quality post-capture.
  5. Circle to Search: This feature allows users to conduct efficient searches through a circular motion gesture on the device.
  6. Real-Time Language Translation: The Galaxy S24 series facilitates real-time translation, making language barriers less of an obstacle during communication.

The launch event marked the initiation of pre-booking for the smartphones, and consumers can anticipate their availability for purchase shortly. The Galaxy S24 series aims to deliver a cutting-edge smartphone experience, incorporating advanced AI features to enhance user convenience and creativity.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Introduces Innovative Features

Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy S24 smartphone series comes equipped with cutting-edge features designed to enhance user experience and functionality.

1. Circle to Search Feature: The Galaxy S24 series introduces the Circle to Search feature, allowing users to draw a circle around objects in photos or videos. Similar to Google Lens, this feature provides information about the selected object, including its value.

2. Note Assist: The Note Assist feature is designed to transform rough notes into well-structured language for easy readability. This Galaxy AI feature can automatically generate summaries based on notes, facilitating personal use or sharing with friends.

3. Chat Assist and Real-Time Call Translation: The new Chat Assist feature enables live translation of text during conversations. Additionally, the Galaxy S24 series supports real-time call translation in 30 languages, including Hindi. Users can choose their preferred language for seamless communication.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Variants and Prices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra:
    • Variants: 8GB RAM + 128GB storage, 8GB RAM + 256GB storage, 8GB RAM + 512GB storage.
    • Starting Price: $1299 (₹1.08 lakh).
  • Samsung Galaxy S24+:
    • Variants: Two variants.
    • Starting Price: $999 (₹83 thousand).
  • Samsung Galaxy S24:
    • Variants: Two variants.
    • Starting Price: $799 (₹66 thousand).

The S24 series smartphones are committed to receiving software security updates for an impressive 7-year period. With these innovative features and competitive pricing, Samsung aims to deliver an advanced and user-friendly smartphone experience to consumers.

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