Futuristic Flying Car Models Unveiled at Trade Show, Set to Soar 100 km/h with Seating for 3; Plans to Launch Manufacturing Plant in India Considered

In the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, different countries showcase various stalls in the trade show. People explore and inquire about products and models from different nations. One notable exhibit is the flying car model, which is currently under production in Japan. This model is expected to be launched in the next two years and might have a manufacturing plant in India in the future. The unique feature of this car is its ability to fly at a speed of 100 km/h with a capacity for three passengers, including the pilot.

Suzuki, Japan’s Company, Develops Flying Car Model

As road traffic continues to pose challenges, people are now dreaming of flying cars to overcome these issues. Suzuki, a Japanese company, has introduced a flying car concept at the trade show. Although the concept has been in development for some time, a specific model has been showcased at the event. The trade show, held at the Imobiliity Pavilion, has attracted attention to this flying car’s potential.

Sky Drive: An Electric Flying Car

The car showcased, named Sky Drive, is an electric flying car. It is designed as an aircraft with rotors for take-off and landing capabilities. With a capacity for three individuals, including a pilot, it is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, allowing it to fly at a speed of 100 km/h and cover distances up to 15 km. This car is envisioned to function as a taxi, offering a unique mode of transportation.

Car to be Launched in Japan in Two Years

According to available information, Suzuki plans to launch this car in Japan in the next two years. After Japan, the company is considering establishing a manufacturing plant for this car in India. The estimated cost of the car is expected to be in the million-dollar range. If launched in India, the car could provide a viable solution for many individuals seeking to avoid traffic congestion.

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