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Gandhinagar’s Helipad Ground has hosted India’s largest global trade show with a sprawling expanse of two lakh square meters. Various countries showcased their cutting-edge products, notably featuring the introduction of the bullet train and robots, drawing attention, especially in Gujarat. Robotics technology from China, Japan, South Korea, and Germany has advanced in various fields, and Ahmedabad’s Code Technolab Limited has ventured into robot manufacturing, marking a new initiative.

Coexistence of Humans and Robots in the Workforce

As robots enter the workforce, concerns about job displacement arise, but experts reassure that these robots are designed to save human lives in risky situations. Nirav Panchal, Chief Marketing Officer at Code Technolab Limited, emphasized that the coexistence of humans and robots contributes to making human tasks easier. The company has been working on robot development for a year, and with five fully functional robots available, they address various sectors.

Desar Serving Robot

Among these robots is Desar, a serving robot, fully autonomous and capable of performing tasks without human intervention. It can efficiently serve in places such as restaurants, offices, or any unit with a workforce, facilitating seamless movement of goods between different locations. Its versatility makes it adaptable to various scenarios, providing practical solutions.

Differing Characteristics of Science City’s Robot Line

Science City presents a distinct robot line characterized by surveillance robots such as Athenaa. This surveillance robot is equipped to handle large spaces like exhibition grounds, malls, hospitals, and airports, enhancing security. The robot is programmed to recognize hazards, and in case of any trouble, it navigates through the area or directly contacts the command center. It is ideal for situations like a broken fence around an airport runway, where immediate action is required.

Addressing Specific Needs with Bike Security

Another specialized robot in their lineup is designed for bike security. This robot addresses situations where traditional surveillance may not suffice. It can patrol areas like airport tarmacs, and if there is a breach, it can notify the command center. Even in challenging environments such as a broken or breached perimeter wall, this robot can effectively navigate and address the situation.

These robots represent a step towards integrating technology for enhanced safety and efficiency in diverse environments. The aim is to complement human capabilities and address specific needs through innovative robotic solutions.

Inside Athens Command Center

Inside Athens, the Intercom is essential. Individuals within the command center can utilize Athens as a speaker and receive SOH messages indicating the nearest fire exit. With features like a 360-degree camera, blind spots may not be covered, allowing the operator to view surroundings on all sides. While it may not replace manual labor, the 360-degree camera inside the command center offers constant video feed, making it seem like Athens is very close even if it’s far away. Command Center can instruct it to move 100 meters backward. Having 360-degree vision and a rapid response team, you can assess potential threats or areas prone to attack quickly.

Vulcan Industrial Green Heavy Duty Cleaning Robot

The third robot is named Vulcan. It is an industrial-grade, heavy-duty cleaning robot suitable for various locations, including pharmaceutical plants. With 24/7 cleanliness and hygiene maintenance, it can handle sweeping and mopping tasks efficiently. After performing its duties, it autonomously locates a charging station, ensuring it is ready for the next task. All robots are battery-powered.

Telos Robotic Arm

The fourth robot, Telos, is associated with robotic automation. Telos excels in industrial settings and repeatable processes, such as in pharmaceutical plants. Its precision and adaptability make it suitable for tasks humans might find challenging. Telos can be programmed to perform intricate and repetitive tasks, ensuring consistent productivity and efficient use of time.

Skand – India’s Most Advanced, Intelligent Robot

The fifth robot, Skand, takes its name from the god Kartikeya. Skand is India’s most advanced humanoid robot, equipped with intelligent technology and AI power. Skand serves various purposes, such as responding to queries, and it can be programmed for specific tasks. With applications in defense, it can be deployed to handle situations like landmines or emergencies, providing a versatile and reliable robotic solution.

Learning to Interact Like Humans: Skand’s Unique Feature

Despite the potential disappearance of Skand, human life remains vulnerable. Skand’s ability to interact and learn from humans distinguishes it. In advanced research, Skand Research and Development has launched a product this year, focusing on enhancing capabilities. It not only responds to threats effectively but also fosters adaptability, evolving to situations where direct confrontation may not be possible.

Conclusion of Skand Research and Development’s Groundbreaking Research

Skand Research and Development has launched a groundbreaking product this year in the market. Whether it’s developing something entirely new or creating something extraordinary, Skand is at the forefront of advanced research and development. As we conclude this year, we are committed to making significant contributions to the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Impact of Robots on Company Productivity

Robots have been created to increase the productivity of companies. When asked about the reason behind this, the response revolves around the fact that in our daily lives, there are many tasks that, when performed by robots, can significantly enhance the efficiency of our productive endeavors. For instance, if we consider a company like Vulcan, having 10 people as part of the cleaning staff, these 10 individuals can be employed in other productive tasks, leading to an increase in overall productivity. While some may express concerns that robots will replace human jobs, it is essential to recognize the coexistence of humans and robots, each contributing to the existence of the other.

From Programming to Manufacturing – Challenges in Creating Robots

We strive to create tools from scratch through the programming of robots. The challenge lies in designing robots that seamlessly transition from starting a prototype to actual typing in production. Failures are common during the development of robots, where some parts may not function, or there may be a mismatch between working on a prototype and supplying power when required. Overcoming these challenges has brought us to the stage where public recognition and response have been achieved.

Make in India Robot Launch in Dubai

In Dubai, the world’s largest technological summit took place, where we launched a robot. We have received orders from Dexter and Vulcan. This robot is entirely ‘Make in India,’ and our office is located on the S.G. Highway in Ahmedabad. We have given priority to Indian talent, especially Gujarati students, providing them with job opportunities. This endeavor contributes to India’s technological advancement on the global map, surpassing boundaries in the fields of robotics technology, just like in China, Japan, South Korea, and Germany.

Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show – Showcasing Diverse Industries

The ‘Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show,’ the largest in the country, exhibits information about domestic and international industries. Various sectors have presented their information, and eminent personalities, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have met with various pavilions. Discussions were held with exhibitors, and Kedi TechnoLab Limited showcased its robots. This exhibition served as a platform for interaction and obtaining information from exhibitors and exhibitors alike.

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