Harnessing Machine Power with Mobile Connectivity: Alerts for Power Usage, CCTV Breaches, and Your Car – Now on Your Phone

The malfunctioning of your car’s mileage, non-functioning cooling systems, or receiving messages from your electricity meter indicating increased power consumption can all lead to unexpected expenses. If someone tampers with your CCTV camera, you’ll receive an alert message on your phone. 

All these components can quickly become a part of your daily life. Telecom companies are preparing to provide mobile connectivity to your car, electricity meter, refrigerator, air conditioner, and gas-water meters.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recently released guidelines for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, comprising 85 pages. These guidelines outline rules and conditions for connecting foreign-made cars and consumer goods to local telecom networks.

Capabilities of Connecting These Machines…

Smart electric and water meters for homes and industries will provide automatic updates on their status. Wireless Point of Sale (POS) or swipe machines will be available for payment. 

Home or society surveillance systems, fire, and theft prevention alarm systems will be connected to phones. Smart body sensors are being installed in the bodies of sick people for healthcare monitoring. Smart TVs, refrigerators, gaming consoles, and picture frames will be part of the network.

Introduction of e-SIM for Machine Connectivity

Machines will soon be connected with e-SIMs, featuring a 13-digit number. Telecom companies will not issue separate SIM cards for machines connected to their mobile networks. Instead, an embedded SIM (e-SIM) will be installed within the machines beforehand. Telecom companies will register these e-SIMs on their networks.

The 13-digit SIM number will have 3 digits for the machine, 4 digits for the machine’s license, and the remaining 6 digits for the machine’s own numbers. TRIA has provided telecom companies with the option to allow them to control the communication of machines instead of telecom companies. 

However, they must obtain permission from TRIA through the officially approved ‘Manager Secure Routing’ process. If the messaging of imported goods manufacturing companies is routed through Manager Secure Routing overseas, they won’t be able to control or even run those messages.

Connectivity via Embedded SIMs

Through this e-SIM, you can also receive messages. Most electric vehicles (EVs) in the market are equipped with e-SIMs. They provide you with information on every movement of the car on your phone. 

You’ll receive messages notifying you when the battery is low or when charging is complete. The e-SIM is a manufactured component. It connects with the telecom service provider through software, using Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Cards.

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