Sabeer Bhatia Launches ShowReel, in Partnership with Jamia Millia Islamia

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Silicon Valley techpreneur and renowned Co-founder of Hotmail, Sabeer Bhatia announced the launch of ShowReel – an AI driven entrepreneurship course, in partnership with Jamia Millia Islamia, on October 20. An inquiry based learning platform, ShowReel is an all cloud based virtual accelerator app to develop an ecosystem of entrepreneurship for young minds to share and test their ideas.

Exclusive discussion organised by Primus Partners on ShowReel, an inquiry based learning platform by Sabeer Bhatia, renowned co-founder of Hotmail, with esteemed guests from prestigious institutions

ShowReel serves as a key to unlocking the path to success through the development of critical thinking skills crucial for the entrepreneurial journey. The AI-driven application is designed to nurture entrepreneurial acumen among the younger generation, offering them a valuable resource in the form of concise and insightful videos. In addition, ShowReel creates an inclusive platform that caters to the aspirations of both urban and rural youth who are eager to embark on the entrepreneurial path.

Commenting on the launch of ShowReel, Sabeer Bhatia, Co-founder, ShowReel said, “Entrepreneurship represents a transformative avenue for addressing the pressing issue of youth unemployment, offering a pathway toward meaningful solutions and opportunities.”

He furthersaid, “Entrepreneurship is about solving societal problems using technology and other human resources. In order to make people great entrepreneurs, we have to teach them people skills, problem solving skills, leadership skills, motivational skills, pitching skills, fundraising skills, digital marketing skills and most importantly teach them to be empathetic individuals. If all the aforementioned skills are taught from an early age, they will develop naturally in individuals.”

Jamia Millia Islamias pioneering partnership with ShowReel introduces the first-ever cloud-based AI entrepreneurship course, setting us on a path to global prominence. Aligned with the National Education Policy 2020, our pursuit of internationalization is reshaping the Indian education system. This collaboration is a game-changer, with our pilot project in entrepreneurship poised for rapid success. The curriculum, designed by industry-leading experts, paves the way for faculty participation in future programs hosted on the ShowReel platform,” added Najma Akhtar, Vice-Chancellor Professor Jamia Millia Islamia.

Immediately after launch, Primus Partners organized an exclusive discussion and demonstration of ShowReel by the entrepreneur Sabeer Bhatia ReelTalk. The event attracted a notable gathering of educators hailing from prestigious institutions, including Heritage, Pathways (Noida), Sanskriti, DPS (Patna, Pune, Coimbatore, Ludhiana), College of Vocational Studies and Ashoka University.

Sabeer has decoded critical thinking patterns that can create pathways for an entrepreneur’s journey, and ShowReel aligns this discovery with an AI application. We are excited to see how this all pans out in the current climate of startups in India,” commented Charu Malhotra, Co-founder and Managing Director of Primus Partners.

Sanjiv Kumar, Founder, Takshila Educational Society and promoter of several Delhi Public Schools said,“Entrepreneurship involves critical thinking and problem-solving and should be taught in junior classes. However, it should not be forced upon everyone. Students should be made aware of these curricula and allowed to choose to study them.”

“Our schools are known for experiential learning pedagogy. To me, entrepreneurship is more of an attitude to take charge and take ownership. So, in schools, the only way to teach them this is to give students the agency to do the same,” added Manit Jain, Co-founder and Director of Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurgaon.

A survey report by NASSCOM, in partnership with TiE Delhi-NCR and Grant Thornton Bharat, found that access to mentorship (13%) is among the biggest hurdles faced by entrepreneurs, based on a detailed survey of the start-up ecosystem in India comprising founders, investors, incubators, etc. The finding underscores the need for targeted efforts to bridge these gaps and empower entrepreneurs in India, and hence the curriculum of ShowReel has been designed by top-notch professionals, who have made a mark in the domain of entrepreneurship. The programs will also see participation from faculty members towards the creation of curriculum that would be hosted on the ShowReel platform.

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