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ICICI Bank’s iMobile App Exposes 17,000 New Credit Card Details: Bank Blocks All Cards

ICICI Bank recently revealed an error in which approximately 17,000 new credit cards were mistakenly mapped to wrong users through digital channels. Consequently, users of ICICI Bank’s ‘iMobile’ application can view details associated with other customers’ credit cards due to this technical glitch. The bank provided this information last Thursday (April 25).

ICICI Bank Addresses Security Concerns Raised by Users on Social Media

Several users of ICICI Bank’s mobile banking application ‘iMobile’ took to social media yesterday evening to express concerns about this security lapse. However, the bank has now rectified this mistake. The 17,000 credit cards represent approximately 0.1% of the bank’s total credit card portfolio.

17,000 Credit Cards Blocked, Customers to Receive New Cards

Bank spokesperson stated, “Immediate steps are being taken to rectify this situation. We have blocked all 17,000 credit cards affected and are in the process of issuing new cards to impacted customers. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

ICICI Bank’s iMobile App Faces Major Security Flaw: Sumanta Mandal

Sumanta Mandal, founder of TechnoFin and CreditPedia, posted on social media platform X regarding this security flaw in ICICI Bank. He highlighted that the security flaw in ICICI Bank’s iMobile app is significant. Many users have complained that the app displayed information related to other customers’ ICICI Bank credit cards.

Sumanta Mandal Urges RBI to Review ICICI Bank’s Security Measures

Sumanta Mandal urged, “I appeal to ICICI Bank to urgently address this issue. I also appeal to the RBI to review ICICI Bank’s security system.”

Mandal Shares Screenshots, Users Could Conduct International Transactions

Sumanta Mandal shared screenshots wherein a user stated that despite the OTP being required for domestic transactions, they could conduct international transactions using the information available on the iMobile app.

RBI Took Action Against Kotak Mahindra Bank One Day Earlier

This news comes at a time when just a day prior, RBI had taken action against Kotak Mahindra Bank. RBI had imposed an immediate ban on issuing credit cards due to non-compliance with IT norms for online and mobile banking, resulting in the prohibition of issuing new credit cards.

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