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Enhance Ola Scooter Security with MoveOS 4 Software Update: Advanced Anti-Theft Alarm Feature Ready for Action

If you already own an electric scooter from Ola or are considering purchasing one, there’s good news for you. Ola Electric has officially released the MoveOS 4 software update for its electric scooters on January 18. The standout feature of this update is the ‘Anti-Theft Alarm.’

This feature functions similarly to the central locking system in cars. After the software update, if someone attempts to steal or tamper with your scooter, the software will send a notification to your mobile device, alerting you. Additionally, the scooter will emit a loud beep sound as an alert.

New Interface and Bug Fixes in MoveOS 4 Update

Ola initially launched MoveOS 4 on October 15, 2023, and has now released an updated version, addressing issues reported with the initial release. Users will experience a new interface that allows them to operate various features with a single tap, eliminating the need to interact with the navigation screen. MoveOS 4 was first rolled out to 50,000 beta users in 2023.

Over 100 Features Packed into MoveOS 4 Update

The MoveOS 4 software update boasts more than 100 features, including some segment-first additions. This update is applicable to Ola S1 Generation 1, S1 Pro (second generation), and S1 Air within the company’s portfolio. Ola plans to roll out the MoveOS 4 update through an OTA (Over-The-Air) update within the next 7 days. Note that the S1 X is excluded from this update, but the company promises future updates for this model.

Biometric App Lock/Unlock and Additional Features

In addition to the anti-theft feature, Ola offers the ability to lock/unlock the scooter through a biometric app. Users can use their face or fingerprint to access the app. The update also introduces features such as hill hold and descent control, garage mode, regeneration, profile control, care mood, concert mode, increased range, and better proximity unlock.

Ola Maps Update and New Features

The MoveOS update includes an update to Ola Maps, integrating Ola’s Hypercharger network into the new navigation system. New features like ‘Find My Scooter’ and ‘Share Location from App’ have been added. Ola introduces a ride journal feature, displaying average speed, battery usage, range, regeneration statistics, money saved, and kilometers traveled on each trip.

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