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Beware of YouTube Video Like Fraud: Earn Money by Liking Videos, Stay Alert for Scam Messages – You Could Fall Victim to Fraud!

If you’re searching for online jobs, be cautious and don’t become a victim of scams. Fraudsters are targeting people through various methods. Currently, people are receiving messages offering to earn money by liking YouTube videos. Beware of such schemes and learn how to protect yourself from fraud.

If you’re searching for Work From Home or online jobs, exercise caution to avoid falling victim to cybercrime. Scammers are using various tactics to defraud people. Recently, people have been receiving messages promising earnings by liking YouTube videos (YouTube Video Fraud). Stay informed on how to protect yourself from fraud and scams.

Scammers are enticing people with the promise of earning money from home through various tasks, such as liking YouTube channels, subscribing, liking videos, and commenting. They often contact individuals via WhatsApp and offer these opportunities. Beware of such offers, as many scammers frequently call people to lure them into work-from-home scams.

People are told to hold money initially, offering 200 or 300 rupees after completing a task that initially pays 100 rupees. Then, they entice people to hold more money, increasing the amount. Subsequently, the held money is transferred to their accounts along with their promised earnings.

After some time, people are encouraged to join Telegram groups where a link is provided, and tasks are assigned. Initially, they are asked to hold an amount ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 rupees, and then they are prompted to attempt to multiply that sum. In this way, people fall victim to scams, driven by the lure of easy money, ultimately losing their funds.

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from fraud:

  1. Avoid clicking on any unknown links.
  2. Do not join any unfamiliar groups on social media sites.
  3. Stay away from schemes that promise quick earnings by holding money.
  4. Never share your bank details, OTPs, passwords, PINs, or card numbers.
  5. In case of fraud, contact the Indian government’s helpline at 1930.
  6. You can report any form of cybercrime at

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