Scammer Tricks Businessman, Extorts 83 Lakhs with Fake Part-Time Job Promise

These days, you may come across numerous advertisements on social media promising ways to earn money. However, if you find yourself tempted to earn money under the pretext of completing a task, beware. Recently, a Vadodara businessman lost 82.72 lakh rupees through Google Maps reviews scam, leading to further investigation by the Vadodara Cyber Crime Police.

Unsolicited Message on WhatsApp

A complaint lodged at the Vadodara Cyber Crime Police Station by businessman Ramesh Shah (name changed) residing in Akota, Vadodara, reveals that he received a message on WhatsApp from an unknown number on December 30, 2023, stating, “I am Miss Puja from India. I work in the HCL Digital Transformation company. I am requesting information from you regarding our India Fox project. You can join this project without leaving your job or from home. You can work part-time or full-time and earn up to 8 thousand rupees daily.” Further, a link was shared, and 150 rupees were deposited in his salary code.

Offer to Provide Google Map Reviews

Subsequently, women claimed that they would offer to provide reviews on Google Maps, promising a five-star rating. After a few minutes, an amount ranging from 2 to 8 thousand rupees would be transferred to your account via UPI. Later, an interview task was assigned, and a link was shared, followed by a deposit of 150 rupees in the salary code. However, initiating 24 such tasks and lost 82.72 lakhs then complaint to the cybercrime police station.

Monetary Penalties Incurred

Initially, payments were made to build trust, but gradually, penalties worth lakhs of rupees were imposed. Additionally, a demand for a payment of 2 crores was made to open a VIP account. He lost 82.72 lakhs slowly, the promised amount was not returned, leading to a complaint being filed at the Cyber Crime Police Station in Vadodara.

Exercise Caution against the Temptation of Earning Money

If you find yourself lured by the temptation to earn money under the pretext of completing tasks, exercise caution. The Vadodara Cyber Crime Police advises against any form of online money transfer.

Arvind Amble

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