Ensuring Rickshaw and Taxi Safety: Scan QR Code to Verify 2 Lakh Drivers, Activate SOS for Immediate Police Assistance!

In Ahmedabad, female commuters often face the risk of harassment or assault while traveling in rickshaws or taxis from railway stations, bus stands, or the airport. However, efforts are underway to address this issue comprehensively. A solution involves affixing stickers on all commercial vehicles, including rickshaws and cars, indicating that they are available for passenger service. 

These stickers will feature a QR code that passengers can scan to view details such as the driver’s photo and owner information on their mobile screens. Additionally, the city police are set to launch the Nirbhaya application, empowering every woman with an SOS button to instantly share her live location with the police control room and her relatives in case of emergency. 

This feature will provide quick assistance to women in distress, ensuring their safety during travel in Ahmedabad.

Implementation of QR Codes on Vehicles for Enhanced Identification and Safety

In an initiative aimed at bolstering safety and identification measures in the city, QR codes will soon be affixed to vehicles across Ahmedabad. With a total of two lakh vehicles expected to have QR codes installed in the coming days, each vehicle will bear three QR codes. 

These codes will serve different purposes, with one facing forward, one facing backward, and one for passengers seated inside. The inclusion of these QR codes will enable access to the live location of the vehicle, ensuring improved safety and tracking capabilities for commuters.

Understanding the Process of QR Code Scanning

Understanding the Process of QR Code Scanning

QR code scanning can be done in two ways. Firstly, through the Nirbhaya Safe City app and secondly, through Google Chrome or any other QR code scanner app installed on a smartphone. Once the QR code is scanned, the entire details of the vehicle’s driver and owner will be displayed on their mobile device. 

Whether you are boarding or have already boarded the vehicle, you can access all the details including the photograph of the driver. Moreover, you can find out how old the vehicle is and whether its driver has any criminal history. 

Even if the vehicle’s driver has a criminal record, you can verify whether the person you are traveling with is safe or not. This project of scanning QR codes will be beneficial for many women in the future. Not only that, but all these details can also be cross-checked at once. Furthermore, through this QR code, you can also know the live location of the vehicle. This means that you can share this live location with someone if required.

Logging in with Nirbhaya Safe City App for SOS Assistance

Ahmedabad’s Special Branch Commissioner, Ajay Chaudhary, revealed to source that under the Nirbhaya Safe City project, the Nirbhaya application will soon be launched in Ahmedabad city. 

Through this application, women or any individual can log in. They can log in with their phone number and, in case of emergency, they can simply click the SOS button. This action will instantly send an alert to the police control room and their relatives. 

Their live location can be tracked, and if the link is not available for a certain time period, an immediate police team will be dispatched to assist the woman or young girl in distress. By tracking the vehicle, they will be safely directed to their location.

Innovative Initiative for Women’s Safety: QR Code Implementation

When you step out from the railway station, bus stand, or airport in Ahmedabad city, are you truly safe? This concern has persisted for a while, leading to the introduction of a novel initiative by the Ahmedabad city police for women’s safety. 

Soon, all rickshaws and taxis in Ahmedabad will start implementing this initiative. It’s not a gadget but a simple sticker with a QR code embedded. This QR code will allow the police to upload all details, photographs, and criminal records associated with Ahmedabad city’s rickshaws and cabs. Moreover, this entire access will be completely transparent.

QR Code Training with SOS Integration by Police Control Room

QR Code Training with SOS Integration by Police Control Room

The Ahmedabad Police Control Room is providing training on this matter, where the process of affixing QR codes in every vehicle will be demonstrated. Work will be done manually, affixing these QR codes inside rickshaws and cabs in different areas. 

Each person can scan and know the status of the vehicle, whether the driver has a criminal record, and if the person behind the wheel matches the details provided. This information will be accessible through the QR code. The “Nirbhaya” app, named after the city of Ahmedabad, is soon to be launched. 

Through this, women can register themselves and share their privacy and selected emergency contacts based on their registration. Once the SOS button is pressed, the data will be sent to the police control room and their two relatives, allowing for live tracking. It’s crucial to note that while it’s common to have stations and surrounding areas equipped with these measures, implementing them in vehicles will significantly contribute to their success.

Enhancing Safety with Smart Street Lights

Enhancing Safety with Smart Street Lights

In Ahmedabad city, smart street lights are currently being installed in various locations to ensure the safety of women and youth during darker hours or low visibility times. Through these lights, one can know the condition of the area near them, and the high-resolution capability allows for adjusting the brightness as needed. 

Alerts from these lights can also reach the police, informing them of any concerning situations in the vicinity. By searching nearby cameras, the police station or PCR can be alerted, ensuring timely assistance. This comprehensive use is currently operational in 40 locations across Ahmedabad, with additional arrangements being made alongside the installation of smart street lights.

Sending Messages via Smart Light Poles

In Ahmedabad city, along with smart street lights, loudspeakers are also being installed. These speakers are connected to nearby cameras and can send messages to local residents or attendees in the area if any movement or activity is detected. 

Today, several bus stands and various locations have such speakers installed, with access given to police inspectors and higher authorities. They can view the camera footage and send alerts to ensure the safety of people, prevent pickpocketing, and identify suspicious individuals in crowded areas. 

These alerts can be sent directly from their mobile phones using the loudspeakers, allowing them to communicate with multiple people at once. This setup enables effective communication and will be implemented in different locations in the near future.

Expert Training for Ahmedabad Safety Project

Expert Training for Ahmedabad Safety Project

Various companies are currently analyzing the entire safety project. After the success of the project, technology will be used to enhance the safety of women and youth in Ahmedabad city. This will enable women and youth to feel secure in the city. 

QR codes and different arrangements are being set up to prevent harassment or theft for individuals. In the near future, when this project is implemented, the entire team responsible for accessing key locations across Ahmedabad is currently undergoing training at the Ahmedabad Police Control Room.

Special experts have been enlisted for police training. They are currently explaining how to work with company experts. Such activities will continue in the future, and new projects will also be initiated in Ahmedabad city soon.

Police Control Room

India’s Largest Police Control Room to be Established in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the city known for its proactive measures in ensuring safety and security, is set to house India’s largest police control room. Commissioner of Police, J.S. Malik, has been tirelessly working on various initiatives to enhance the city’s security. 

As the construction of the largest police control room in India progresses in Ahmedabad, it aims to ensure peace and safety for all residents. Special emphasis is being placed on selecting key personnel to manage the facility, highlighting the city’s commitment to organizing effective security arrangements.

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