Introducing YouTube’s New Remix Feature: Create Shorts from Official Music Videos

YouTube has introduced a new remix feature on its platform, enabling users to integrate clips and audio from official music videos into their shorts. This feature aims to simplify the process of creating short videos on YouTube by allowing users to utilize either the clip or the audio alone from the official music video.

The launch of this feature comes amidst licensing disputes between TikTok and major record labels like Universal Music Group. By introducing the remix feature, YouTube offers users an alternative avenue for creating engaging content while leveraging licensed music.

The feature is now accessible on the YouTube mobile app, where users can access it by tapping on ‘Remix’ while watching a music video.

To utilize the remix feature on YouTube, follow these steps:

  1. Play the Music Video: Begin by playing the music video on YouTube from which you wish to use either the audio or the video content.
  2. Access Remix Options: Once the video is playing, you will notice the ‘Remix’ option appearing on the screen.
  3. Select Remix Options: Click on the ‘Remix’ option to reveal four choices: Sound, Green Screen, Cut, and Collab.
    • Sound: This option allows you to extract only the audio from the video, which you can then incorporate into your short. It provides the perfect soundtrack for your content.
    • Green Screen: Choose this option to utilize a video as the background for your short. This feature enables you to record your real-time actions while listening to the audio.
    • Cut: The ‘Cut’ option enables you to select a specific scene from the music video and add it to your short. This allows you to revisit the chosen scene as many times as desired. Note that the cut tool clips only a 5-second portion of the video.
    • Collab: Opt for the ‘Collab’ option to create shorts alongside the video. This feature allows you and your friends to choreograph the video together, enhancing collaboration and creativity.

Experiment with these options to create different shorts tailored to your preferences and creative vision. The remix feature on YouTube functions similarly to the remix feature found on TikTok, offering users the opportunity to lip-sync over audio clips and create engaging content.

YouTube has introduced a new feature called “Comment Summary” along with an “AI Conversational Tool” to enhance the viewing experience and facilitate discussions related to video content.

  1. Comment Summary Feature:
    • This feature organizes comments in the comment section of a video based on topics discussed.
    • Viewers and content creators can easily navigate and engage in discussions related to specific topics mentioned in the comments.
    • Currently, the latest comments are displayed at the top of the comment section as usual.
  2. AI Conversational Tool:
    • The AI Conversational Tool aids viewers in accessing answers to questions related to video topics while watching the content.
    • Powered by AI chat GPT, this tool provides viewers with relevant information and insights into the topics being discussed in the video.

For Prime members, a “Subject” option appears in the YouTube comments section. Here, users can access comments pertaining to the video topic, allowing for a more focused discussion. It’s important to note that this feature may not be available in the comments section of all YouTube videos at present.

YouTube was founded in 2005 by three friends, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Javed Karim, who were originally colleagues at the online payment system PayPal. The idea initially stemmed from their plan to create an online dating service. However, after encountering challenges with the dating service concept, they pivoted towards building a platform where users could share videos.

The domain was registered on February 14, 2005, coinciding with Valentine’s Day. The company’s first office was set up in a garage, reflecting the humble beginnings of the platform.

Despite the initial focus on online dating, the founders shifted their vision towards creating a video-sharing platform when the dating service failed to gain traction. Javed Karim uploaded the first video titled ‘Me at the Zoo’ on April 23, 2005, marking the official debut of YouTube as a video-sharing platform. In the 19-second video, Javed Karim is seen conversing with elephants at the San Diego Zoo.

The platform gained rapid popularity, with the first video garnering over one million views by September 2005. Today, ‘Me at the Zoo’ has amassed over 260 million views and 13 million likes. Javed Karim created the channel as a trial, and it remains the only video uploaded in 18 years, symbolizing YouTube’s evolution from a dating site to a video-sharing platform.

Recognizing its potential, PayPal’s CFO Roelof Botha invested in YouTube, contributing to its steady growth and attracting additional investors. Within a month of its launch, YouTube was attracting more than 30,000 users daily. Within six months, this number surged to 2 million users, making YouTube the fastest-growing site of 2006.

Former YouTube CEO Chad Hurley expressed opposition to the introduction of advertising within videos starting from August 2006. Despite his criticism of the ad system, advertisements began appearing between videos in August 2007 as a means of generating revenue for the platform.

In November 2021, YouTube ceased publicly displaying the number of dislikes on videos due to concerns regarding their use in cyberbullying incidents.

As of 2018, Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” held the record for the most disliked video on YouTube, accumulating 10 million thumbs downs. This record was surpassed by YouTube Rewind 2018, which garnered 19 million dislikes. However, YouTube discontinued the public display of dislike counts.

In 2009, a video titled “Charlie Bit My Finger” was uploaded by a modest family. The video depicted a child playfully biting his older brother’s finger. It became the most viewed YouTube video from 2009 to 2011. According to The Mirror, royalties and advertising revenue from the video enabled the family to purchase their home in 2017.

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