At 26, Aashi Became Landlady of Two Homes: Overcame Challenges in Rental Property and Casting Couch

TV actress Ashi Singh has recently bought herself a new home in Mumbai. At just 26 years old, this is not her first home in Mumbai, but it’s a new one. Before purchasing her own home, Ashi and her family had been living in rented accommodations in Mumbai for many years. According to the actress, during this time, they had to face many difficulties.

Living on Mira Road

In an exclusive interview with Divya Bhaskar, Ashi Singh said, “A few years ago, I and my family used to live in Mira Road area of Mumbai. It was a rented house. Wherever we lived, the society members troubled us a lot. Many times, society members even harassed us without any reason.”

Parking Troubles

Furthermore, she stated, “I still remember when the people there troubled us a lot regarding my car’s parking. We had permission from our landlord. But the society members did not give us permission. To get my passport made, I had to submit more documents just to park my car.”

Different Timings for Visiting

They say to come on Sundays, they say on Mondays. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening, they would call. This process continued for about two weeks. I was very annoyed. Since someone was living in another’s house, no work could be done. Then I realized that my home is my own.

Ashi’s Acting Passion since Childhood

Ashi came to Mumbai at the age of 15. Her entire childhood was spent in Agra. Ashi had a passion for acting since childhood. However, there was a time when her confidence in acting decreased significantly.

Facing Casting Couch

She said, “I used to give auditions along with my studies. During the initial days, when I went for an audition, I had to face the casting couch. I was asked for favors in exchange for work. My confidence in acting decreased significantly. But I never gave up. I never let anyone take advantage of me.”

Journey of Acting Starts in 2015

Ashi started her acting journey with ‘Secret Diaries: The Hidden Chapters’ in 2015. She gained recognition for her role in the show ‘Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai’ as Naina Agarwal.

Apart from that, Ashi has also worked in shows like ‘Crime Patrol’, ‘Savdhaan India’, ‘Gumrah’, and ‘Secret Diaries’. She has also appeared in the film ‘Kedarnath’. Recently, she was seen in the serial ‘Meet’.

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