Anupam Kher: Obtained Kashmiri Proof After 30 Years, Expresses Relief and Gratitude

Currently, actor Anupam Kher is promoting his film ‘Kagaz 2’ dedicated to his late friend Satish Kaushik. He will be seen in a lead role in this film. In a recent interview with Divya Bhaskar, Anupam Kher revealed that last year he was offered the opportunity to become a Kashmiri after 30 years, based on the facts mentioned in the official papers of the film. During the conversation, he also shared some memories associated with Satish Kaushik. Some highlights of the interview:

How much does Satish miss his friends?

“You remember those whom you forget. I have never been able to forget Satish. Even today, I feel he is always around me. Trust me, even today, we have mental conversations. Satish’s sudden departure was very shocking for me. His wisdom was profound. We had dinner together just two days before. After that, he kept going for me. Satish had become my habit. Recovering from it will take a long time for me, or maybe I may never recover.”

“When I’m promoting his film today, I feel he might suddenly appear before me. Satish used to give me a lot of support. Especially when he used to direct me during shooting. He felt that when he directed me, he would be in control of me. In ordinary life, he wouldn’t interfere with me.”

“Life is not the same without him now. Now, I live with his memories. ‘Kagaz’ was one of his best films. Satish had a lot of faith in this subject. We will promote ‘Kagaz 2’ with great enthusiasm.”

“I am Kashmiri. Although, I received the certificate for being Kashmiri a year ago. My paternal uncle had submitted the documents which were required for me to be recognized as a Kashmiri. We hadn’t received this certificate for 30 years. Now, my mother also has the necessary documents. We had gone through a lot for this paper. After years, we are happy that we finally have the document to prove our Kashmiri identity. ‘Kagaz’ or documents hold great significance for me.”

“‘Kagaz’ is not just about documents for me, but it’s also about acceptance. In 2006, many of my certificates were washed away during the Mumbai floods. My grandfather used to write letters to me. Those were also lost. I have always felt sad for him. Many of my books and letters were washed away. ‘Kagaz’ has its importance. The paper doesn’t need to always bring stress. Paper is an investment that says, ‘Friend, this paper is mine.'”

“How are you managing Vanshika, Satish Kaushik’s daughter?

Vanshika is quite independent. Despite being young, she is very mature. However, it’s challenging to talk to her about emotional matters. But, I am ready to do anything for her. I will support her throughout her life. She also knows that whenever she needs me, I will always be there for her. It’s my responsibility now.”

“What is your relationship with your son Sikandar like?

“My father and I had a very close relationship. We were great friends. I have tried to maintain the same bond with Sikandar. I feel like many times people behave like my father at home. He feels that it’s very important to emulate my father’s role. There is a system in society that we don’t realize where reality becomes acting when one gets into the habit of acting. I don’t work like my father. The relationship between me and Sikandar is more of a friendship than that of a father and son.

In 40 years, only one film ‘Om Jai Jagadish’ directed, no other plans…? Efforts are ongoing. Perhaps you’ll hear news about this soon. (Laughs)”

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