Bulgarian Girl Rape Case: Victim Emerges 5 Days After Cadila CMD Rajiv Modi Cleared by Police

Recently, the Bulgarian woman who is pursuing a case of misconduct against Cadila’s CMD, Rajiv Modi, has made her presence felt in the city of Ahmedabad. The police had recently filed a report against Rajiv Modi by filling a clean cheat. However, there is a new turn in this case with the victim now appearing. It is noteworthy that the Bulgarian woman had been missing since January 24. She has resurfaced after a disappearance of 34 days, arriving on February 27 to be present for the proceedings.

Disappearance of Bulgarian Woman Amid Allegations Against Rajiv Modi

The Bulgarian woman had gone missing after leveling accusations against Rajiv Modi, claiming that she had been subjected to misconduct by him. The entire matter had reached the Gujarat High Court. Following the High Court’s directives, the court had ordered an investigation into the case and issued instructions for scrutiny. Within the ambit of this high-profile case, the woman underwent a medical examination, during which she had gone missing.

Police Issued Summons 8 Times in the Case; Rajiv Modi’s Cooperation Offered

The police had issued summons a total of 8 times in the case. After the woman went missing, a video of hers had also surfaced. However, despite repeated summons, there was no response from her. This made it crucial for the police to intensify their efforts in the investigation of this case. Yet, no evidence was found. On the other hand, Rajiv Modi, along with his legal team, had visited the police station and expressed willingness to cooperate with the investigation.

The Bulgarian girl was last seen sitting in a rickshaw near Agora Mall and then disappeared.

Rajiv Modi Cleared with Clean Chit; Police Report Filed

The police had been conducting an investigation. However, amidst the lack of further evidence, the police have now filed a report to close the case. Simultaneously, Rajiv Modi has been cleared of all charges in the entire case. The investigation of the entire case may now come to a halt at this juncture.

Understanding A Summary in Legal Proceedings

In the case involving allegations against Rajiv Modi, the Bulgarian woman who returned to her home country, the police have now filed an A Summary report in court. An A Summary report is filed when the police believe that a crime has been committed but do not have enough evidence to proceed with a trial. Thus, the accused cannot be brought before the court for trial. In this case, despite the allegations and the charge being established, complete evidence has not been obtained. 

Consequently, approximately a year has elapsed since the filing of the complaint. However, now, the magistrate can summon the complainant to ascertain the situation. Additionally, the magistrate can order further investigation by the police. The complainant’s lawyer had earlier filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking a CBI investigation, but it was dismissed. If the case is closed, it can be challenged in the High Court.

On January 18th, the young woman, accompanied by her lawyer, had gone to the police to register a complaint. However, due to the busy schedule of the investigating officer in the department’s activities that day, the complaint couldn’t be recorded. Afterward, before she could re-submit her complaint, she went missing under suspicious circumstances.

After the order of the High Court, the investigation of the girl's case started after a complaint was registered at the Sola police station.

Complaint Lodged at 17th to 24th January

Following the court order to file a complaint against Rajiv Modi, an investigation into the case commenced at the police station from January 17th to 24th. During this period, the police took statements from the staff and employees of Rajiv Modi’s farmhouse. 

As there was no direct contact available with Rajiv Modi through the police, the woman forwarded her request for further investigation to Joint Commissioner Chirag Kordia from January 17th to 24th. In her request, she highlighted how and why the police officers failed to register her complaint of misconduct, leading her to seek the intervention of the High Court to ensure her complaint was duly noted.

Mention of Risk to the Woman’s Life

Let’s delve into how the woman described her life being at risk. On January 17th, when her lawyer contacted her to notarize her affidavit, she expressed in the chats that she couldn’t step out. Some individuals have been attempting to harm her.

The girl told the lawyer in the chat that she could not get out.

Chat Excerpts: Details of the Bulgarian Woman’s Recent Chats

Conversation Between the Lawyer and the Woman

In the latest message exchange between the woman and her lawyer dated January 24th, she mentioned that goons were tailing her. She feels intimidated as they have followed her outside the court premises. The conversation between the woman and her lawyer indicates her concerns.

Woman: I can’t go out; they tried to attack me yesterday.

Lawyer: What happened yesterday? Was anyone following you into your room?

Woman: They were with some cab driver, parked a car near an unknown place in the evening. They seemed to think they could deal with me if the police is on my side. The foolish cab driver was talking to me on the phone. Maharashtra Police was visible on his screen.

Lawyer: You can document all this in the affidavit. The JCP seeks your statement. Departmental inquiry is initiated. What should I reply?

Woman: Police can speak to you and your European lawyer via video conference anytime.

Chats Between the Woman and a Friend

Friend: I’ve been thinking about this; now we have to focus on this case. Are you in India? What have you heard? How are you? I’ve come back to Sri Lanka. I heard about such sudden deaths, which is quite unusual. Do you feel like there’s a hand behind it? When we last met at the FRRO office, you were in India?

Woman: Yes, I am in India, recovering from the recent trauma.

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