Youngest Company Secretary in India: Achieved CS Certification at 19, Set to Enter India Book of Records

Recently, the results of the CS executive and professional examinations were announced. Typically, the pass rate for these exams is quite low. However, a girl from Ahmedabad brought glory to Gujarat at a young age by becoming a CS. Mahika’s bachelor’s degree studies are ongoing and will be completed in May. She has already passed the third level of CS in her first attempt, creating history. Mahika revealed that, as of now, the youngest CS she knows is 19 years and 11 months old, while she is 19 years and 9 months old. Therefore, she has applied for her name to be included in the India Book of Records.

Mahika Sejwani, who resides in Ahmedabad, began studying CS before starting college. In 2021, Mahika passed the 12th-grade commerce examination with a score of 72%. In 10th grade, she scored 74%. After completing the 12th grade, Mahika obtained admission to J.G. College in Ahmedabad, where she also enrolled in CS studies at Insight Institute. She initiated her CS studies even before college commenced.

Mahika started studying CS in June 2021. She appeared for the first level, which is CSEET, in November 2021 and scored 138 out of 200 marks. Following that, she began preparing for the second level. The second level, which is the Executive exam, was held in December 2022, where she scored 471 out of 800 marks and secured the 3rd rank in All India. Afterward, in December 2023, Mahika took the CS Professional exam, and its results were declared on February 25th. She scored 450 out of 900 marks in the third and final level. She has passed all three levels in one trial. Now, Mahika will undergo a 21-month internship. Alongside, she plans to study LLB, LLM, and PhD.

I have applied to the India Book of Records: Mahika.

Mahika has expressed that she prepared with full dedication, seriousness, and hard work. She used to practice writing and reading every day. She started her studies at Insight Institute. She passed both levels very well, but during the Professional exam, she was very ill. With the support of family and coaching classes, she prepared for the exam and today, she has become a CS. According to her, the youngest CS she has seen is 19 years and 11 months old, while she is 19 years and 9 months old. Therefore, I have applied for my name to be recorded in the India Book of Records.

I will intern at companies like Tata and Adani.

I worked hard for 6 months to understand concepts. After that, I practiced writing for the last 4 months. I used to take most exams in class. I took continuous exams for 5 months in class. This made me very frustrated, and I complained about why so many exams, but the result of the same prelims exam given in class is what I have received. Now I want to intern at big companies like Tata and Adani.

Completed CS studies at a young age.

Mahak began her CS studies after completing Grade 12 and passed each level in just one trial. Most students cannot pass all modules. Therefore, separate exams were conducted, but Mahak passed all modules. Thus, she completed her CS studies at a young age.

Let’s learn about the CS course…

The Company Secretary (CS) course is a professional program that prepares candidates to become primary advisors to companies on legal, financial, and regulatory matters. Accredited Company Secretaries manage the governance of businesses or sole ownership legal entities. They handle tasks such as filing tax returns, conducting audits, maintaining records, advising the board of directors on financial health, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks.

A CS plays a crucial role in ensuring the company’s adherence to laws and regulations and is responsible for its governance.

To pursue the Company Secretary (CS) course, candidates must have passed the 12th standard. Becoming eligible for the Company Secretary course typically requires candidates to pass the 12th standard as a minimum qualification. Several colleges offering the CS course include Shyam Lal College, SRM Chennai, Directorate of Distance Education, and Alagappa University, among others. According to the latest guidelines shared by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in March 2021, the CS examination will now be considered equivalent to a master’s degree. Students also have the option to choose higher studies in the research field.

Students can now directly appear for the CSEET (Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test) without the need to appear for the CS Foundation exam. After that, students holding graduation degrees and those keen on pursuing the Company Secretary course are exempted from the CSEET exam.

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