Tragic Surat Incident: Child Battles for 5 Days, Father Accuses Civil Hospital of Night Machine Shutdown

In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded in Surat’s Vesu area, a child fell into the elevator shaft located 25 feet below the ground floor of a recently constructed building. The mother’s immediate response saw her rushing the injured child to the civil hospital via the 108 emergency service. Swiftly admitted and treated, the child’s condition, unfortunately, deteriorated over the course of five days, resulting in a devastating loss for the family.

As the grieving family copes with the tragedy, allegations have surfaced from the child’s father, pointing fingers at the civil hospital for inadequate care. Specifically, he asserts that the hospital’s machinery was inactive during the night, raising concerns about the quality of treatment provided to the child. The incident has ignited a larger conversation about healthcare standards and the need for a thorough investigation to address the accusations. As the community mourns the loss, questions regarding the circumstances of the child’s treatment and the hospital’s protocols demand careful scrutiny and clarification. This tragic event underscores the importance of transparent investigations to ascertain the facts and ensure accountability in healthcare services.

The child was treated for 5 days

Tragic Mishap: A Glimpse into the Life of Sundar Sharma’s Family

Sundar Sharma, hailing from Bihar, earns his livelihood as a laborer, contributing to the construction sector in the Vesu area. Presently employed at the Awadh site, Sundar resides there with his family, comprising two sons and a daughter. The youngest son, affectionately known as Bunty, was actively engaged in his studies at a nearby Jain Derasar, an institution catering to the educational needs of laborers’ children.

On December 15, tragedy struck the Sharma family when Bunty, after taking leave from his studies, joined his siblings in joyful activities. During this fateful moment, Raghuvir, associated with the under-construction Silver Stone Apartment building, entered the scene. While engaged in playful pursuits, Bunty, unfortunately, lost his balance and, after colliding with a plywood barrier, plummeted from the fourth floor to the basement through the elevator shaft. The incident has cast a shadow of sorrow over the family, highlighting the unpredictable nature of accidents and the fragility of life in such bustling construction environments.

When 108 arrived, the child's breathing was stopped

Emergency Response and Tragic Outcome: Bunty’s Untimely Demise

Upon hearing the distressing news of Bunty’s accident, his mother rushed to the scene, joined by concerned onlookers. Swift action ensued as emergency services were immediately contacted through the 108 helpline. However, upon their arrival, it was discovered that Bunty had ceased breathing. Quick-thinking first aid measures were administered, successfully restoring the child’s breathing. Subsequently, Bunty was promptly transported to the Civil Hospital, where he was admitted to the Praman Center for immediate medical attention.

Upon admission, the medical team initiated treatment without delay, providing the child with oxygen support. Despite the absence of external injuries, internal trauma was detected. Tragically, despite the medical interventions, Bunty succumbed to his injuries on the fifth day, highlighting the critical importance of timely and effective medical care.

The family was engulfed in sorrow as news of Bunty’s passing spread, creating a mournful atmosphere. The sequence of events underscores the unpredictable and often delicate nature of emergencies, emphasizing the need for robust emergency response systems and efficient healthcare services to mitigate the impact of such unfortunate incidents.

Treatment of the child in the hospital

Allegations of Inadequate Treatment at Civil Hospital: A Father’s Anguish

Sundar Sharma, the grieving father of the late Bunty, has raised serious concerns about the quality of care his son received at the Civil Hospital. According to Sharma, the treatment provided to his son fell short of expectations, with specific claims that the medical apparatus sustaining his son was switched off during the night. Sharma further expressed his dismay, stating that he was directed to another hospital for a diagnostic report. Tragically, upon his return, he discovered that his son had already passed away.

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