Tragic Surat Accident: Youth Dies in 6 second as Two-Wheeler Collides with ST Bus

In Surat, a tragic incident occurred on Udhna Road. A young man, riding a two-wheeler at full speed on the road, was attempting to overtake a bus and a bike on the side. In the midst of this, his two-wheeler suddenly slipped, hitting the rear wheel of the bus. The young man was caught in the accident, leading to his immediate demise. The entire incident has been captured on CCTV.

What the CCTV Footage Reveals?

The CCTV footage reveals that the driver of the two-wheeler was overtaking another two-wheeler on the road. At this moment, an ST bus was also moving from the side. As the young man tried to overtake, his two-wheeler slipped, and he collided with the rear wheel of the ST bus. The rear wheel of the bus then flipped the young man over, resulting in his unfortunate death. The ST bus with registration number GJ-18-Z-6157 was involved in the accident.

Loss of Balance Leads to a Collision on the Road

According to eyewitnesses, 22-year-old Chirag Bhupendra Jain, residing in Ashanagar Society in Rajasthan and Udhna, was heading to work from his home on Ring Road this morning. While attempting to overtake a bike and an ST bus, Chirag lost balance and collided on the road, causing the accident. The ST bus involved was on the route of Sapatara-Balasinor.

Entire Family Dependent on Chirag’s Work

Chirag lived with his family, including his parents and a younger brother. He supported his family by working in online clothing business. His younger brother, Bhupendra, worked in a bank. The entire family was dependent on Chirag’s work for their livelihood, and now they mourn his tragic death.

Deceased Engaged in Online Business

Chirag, aged between 22 and 23, was engaged in an online business. Piyush, the brother of the deceased, mentioned that Chirag was heading to Ring Road from Ashanagar Society when the accident happened. Currently, his body has been taken to the post-mortem room in the Civil Hospital. His father, the only family member in Surat, is making arrangements for the final rites.

Community Gathers in Unity

Following the accident, a large number of people gathered at the accident site. The bus driver also brought the bus to a halt. The entire accident site was inspected by the police, who also examined the CCTV footage. The police are conducting further investigations into the incident.

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