Gujarat Statewide Protests: Teachers Demand Old Pension Scheme Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

Teachers and staff members in granted and government schools across the state have embarked on a strike starting today over the old pension scheme. Educators statewide are protesting by observing shutdowns and sit-ins. Previously, the government had assured the implementation of the old pension scheme along with other pending issues. However, as the assurance was not fulfilled, employees across the state have initiated the protest. It is noteworthy that last week, the education department of the government had warned teachers of disciplinary action according to the rules if they went on strike, yet the protest continues.

Despite the government’s assurance to fulfill some demands…

Government and granted school teachers and employees across the state have been advocating for the old pension scheme and resolving pending issues for quite some time now. They have made several requests to the government and have even had discussions to address some of these demands. However, no official notification has been issued by the government regarding the same until now. As a result, prior to the parliamentary elections, teachers and employees from across the state are protesting against the government. Teachers are observing shutdowns while employees are staging protests against the postponement.

Boycott of Work Other Than Education

Today, teachers and staff have not only voted on pressing issues but have also boycotted work. Various questions have been addressed during the voting process. Teachers are providing education to children through stories and songs without using chalk and pen. They have refrained from using chalk and pen. Furthermore, students have been marked absent, boycotting work other than education.

Right to Protest in Democracy

The chief secretary of the Urban Primary Teachers’ Association, Manoj Patel, stated that the government has not fulfilled the guarantee it gave us last year. Therefore, we are staging protests to remind the government once again. The education department has issued a public notice regarding this matter, which we are aware of. However, we have the right to protest in a democracy, so we are continuing our opposition.

Upcoming Events in the Following Days

Rajnikantbhai from Ahmedabad has stated that our demands were guaranteed to be met last year. A committee meeting, including government ministers, was held to address our concerns. However, the promises made during that meeting have not been fulfilled to date. Therefore, starting today, we are protesting against the lockdown and restrictions. Various programs will also be organized in the coming days.

Employee Demands

  1. All teachers and employees of the Gujarat state demand the implementation of the Old Pension Scheme (OPS).
  2. According to the resolution with the government, all teachers and employees appointed before April 1, 2005, should be included in the Old Pension Scheme.
  3. As per the Seventh Pay Commission, all types of allowances and benefits should be provided to employees of the Education Department’s service centers.
  4. The rules for the recruitment of old teachers in granted secondary and higher secondary schools should be made quickly, allowing for the changing of schools.
  5. New pension scheme teachers should be given the benefit of converting 300 holidays into cash.
  6. Contractual and fixed pay plan positions should be replaced with permanent teacher appointments in the place of assistant teachers.
  7. Improvements have been made in the maternity leave for primary category employees from April 22, 2022, with retroactive effect from 1997, and now the higher salary band’s benefits should not be deducted from the date of retirement.
  8. A resolution should be passed to grant pensions to teachers retiring from district municipalities and municipalities.
  9. The benefit of grade pay of 4200 along with arrears should be given to granted primary school teachers and municipal teachers, and the establishment of a pay scale for granted primary school teachers should be ensured.
  10. The rules for HTAT head teacher transfers should be revised promptly.
  11. In-charge teachers in government schools should submit the acquired leaves during vacations in the service book.

Mahapanchayat in Gandhinagar to be Organized in March

If the demands of the National United Front are not addressed by March 8, 2024, then on March 9, 2024, a Satyagraha rally will be organized in Gandhinagar, followed by the organization of a Mahapanchayat.

Teachers Protest in Surat

Today, teachers of Surat Municipal Corporation raised objections over their pending issues. They expressed their dissent while participating in the grand voting event. The Surat municipality had arranged voting centers in 44 schools to facilitate voting.

Satyagraha for Proper Implementation of Seventh Pay Scale

Dr. Dinesh Vagh, the president of the National United Front, announced today that the seventh pay scale is still not being implemented properly. The demand for maternity leave for female teachers has not been fulfilled since 1996. The demands related to the old pension scheme have also not been met yet. Today, voting took place at 44 centers in this regard. Preparations are underway to escalate this issue to Gandhinagar in the coming days.

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