Four Arrested for Fraudulent Recruitment of Indians to Russia-Ukraine War: CBI Working to Repatriate 180 Victims

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested four individuals in a case related to sending Indians to conflict areas between Russia and Ukraine. Among them, three are Indians, while one is a translator working in the Russian Ministry of Defence. Their arrest took place on April 24. Further details have surfaced regarding this incident.

Arrested Individuals and Their Roles

The arrested individuals include Arun and Yesudas Tiruvananthapuram residents. Anthony Elangovan resides in Mumbai, while Nizil Joby Benson works in the Russian Ministry of Defence. All these individuals are part of a network that lures Indians through social media with promises of jobs and high salaries, trapping them. Local agents are also involved in aiding this.

Network Extends from Dubai to Russia

According to the CBI, Russian translators played a significant role in this network. They facilitated the recruitment of Indians into the Russian army. Anthony collaborated with Faisal Baba in Dubai and other associates in Russia to obtain visas and flight tickets for Indians. Arun and Yesudas acted as local agents, convincing people about jobs and salaries in Russia.

Expansion of the Network

As per the CBI’s disclosures, they have registered cases against several private visa consultancy firms and agents involved in human trafficking. Their network spans across many countries. A visa company based in Delhi has sent around 180 Indians to Russia. Efforts are underway to repatriate them.

YouTube Videos Offering Attractive Salaries

Investigative agencies revealed that visa consultancy firms target individuals seeking employment abroad. Subsequently, they create YouTube videos to attract them. These videos assure that there’s no impact of the war in Russia and everything is safe. Following this, vacancies in the Russian army, as helpers, clerks, and in demolition operations during wars, are advertised.

Training Instead of Immediate Deployment

The videos clarify that those seeking jobs don’t need to fight at the borders immediately. They will undergo a three-month training for which they’ll be paid 40,000 rupees. After completing the training, the salary will be raised to 1 lakh rupees.

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