Fire Breaks Out in Running Train; Youth Grabs Live Wire, Chaos Ensues – Viral Video

Under the Pandya Bridge in Vadodara city, a petrol-filled train suddenly caught fire. Upon learning of the incident, the staff of three fire stations reached the site and managed to control the fire after intense efforts. During this time, amidst the smoky conditions, the body of a young man was found. The Vadodara Railway Police have sent the body for postmortem to a specialized hospital and are conducting further investigations. It was found that the young man had climbed onto the train’s wagon, accidentally touched live wires, and was electrocuted, leading to the fire breaking out in the train wagon.

Three Fire Brigade Vehicles Rushed

Near Vadodara Railway Station, around the Pandya Bridge, at 6:10 in the morning, panic ensued among the locals as a petrol-filled train caught fire. Immediately, the locals informed the fire brigade. Consequently, the fire brigade, along with the police and railway staff from Vadodara Railway Station, TP-13 Fire Station, and nearby areas, rushed to the scene. They swiftly cut off the power supply to the high-tension lines and began efforts to control the fire. After intense efforts, the fire brigade managed to bring the fire under control, and at 6:55 in the morning, the railway operations resumed.

Railway Staff Respond Swiftly to the Incident

A fire broke out in the train wagon between pole numbers 396/37 and 396/39. Upon learning of the incident, Vadodara Railway Station Superintendent Vivek Dikshit, along with railway station SSS operator B.K. Jha and staff, rushed to the scene. Additionally, RPF and GRP staff also responded promptly. During this time, the body of a young man was discovered. Consequently, the Vadodara Railway Police sent the body for postmortem to a specialized hospital and initiated further proceedings.

Efforts Underway to Identify the Young Man

Vadodara Railway Police’s PSI E.J. Pandya stated that upon receiving the message of the fire in the train, they immediately rushed to the scene along with the fire brigade. They have sent the body of the young man for postmortem to a specialized hospital and have initiated efforts to identify him. In the preliminary investigation, it was found that the young man died after being electrocuted while attempting to catch water from the railway track.

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