Captures Youth Crashing Tempo Near Pune, Bike Skids, Truck Hits Head-on: CCTV Mishap

Near the expansion of Punagam in Surat district, an accident occurred, where a motorcycle rider met a tragic death when a truck ran over him. Due to the bustling nature of the road, fellow drivers quickly gathered at the scene of the accident. With the biker suffering serious injuries, the incident was reported to 108 emergency services. It was discovered that the biker had succumbed to his injuries right at the scene of the accident.

Motorcycle Slips While Applying Brakes

Near Ganga Hospital in Punagam, two youths riding a bike slipped due to an accident. As the youths were swiftly moving along the road, a tempo ahead suddenly braked, and a truck came from behind. While the youths on the bike were trying to move forward, fearing a collision with the tempo, they inadvertently slipped, landing on the road. As they fell onto the road, one of the youths on the bike collided with the trash strewn on the rear tire of the truck.

The Entire Incident Captured on CCTV

Due to the mistake of the motorcycle rider, this incident could be accounted for, as seen in the video where two youths are riding on the motorcycle, with a four-wheeler tempo moving ahead and their bike-riding friends behind. The truck driver also appears to be arrogantly driving in their direction. When the bike slipped and the truck was approaching, pressing against his motorcycle, the rear tire of the truck hit the head of the rider. Nearby people gathered and dialed 108. The 108 team declared the motorcycle rider dead. Upon learning of the incident, the Pune police rushed to the scene and began further investigation.

Niyati Rao

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