Retired IPS Officers’ Wives Get Government Cars for ‘Kitty Parties’: If Unavailable, Police Department Rents Them Out

Despite numerous regulations being abolished in the English era, certain practices persist today. Even after retiring, many high-ranking officials, particularly those from the IPS, continue to enjoy privileges, including the allocation of government vehicles for their families. 

This extends to instances where retired officials’ wives utilize police department’s official vehicles, often for personal events like kitty parties. Such preferential treatment not only reflects a misuse of authority but also highlights the persistence of outdated norms within governmental systems. 

It’s high time for a thorough reassessment of these practices to ensure equitable and responsible use of public resources, regardless of one’s past affiliations or positions.

The letter regarding the allotment of the vehicle was signed by Deputy Administrative Officer (F Branch) Anil Nayak. About which Anil Nayak said.

Investigation Reveals Preferential Treatment in Vehicle Allocation to Retired IPS Officers’ Families

A recent investigation has shed light on the preferential treatment received by retired IPS officers and their families regarding the allocation of government vehicles. It has been discovered that there are no specific rules governing the provision of vehicles to retired officers, particularly in the IPS fraternity. 

Instead, it has been observed that retired officers often receive vehicles for their personal use, especially during events and gatherings they are invited to attend. Interestingly, these vehicles are provided only for such occasions and are not allocated for any other purposes. 

According to an investigation by Source, on March 2nd, during a kitty party organized in the IPS mess, 14 retired IPS officers’ wives were provided with “vehicles in good condition” for transportation. 

This revelation underscores the need for a comprehensive review of the policies surrounding the allocation of government resources to ensure fairness and transparency in their distribution, regardless of one’s former position or affiliations.

Support for Kitty Party Hosted in IPS Mess Raises Concerns Over Post-Retirement Vehicle Allocations

The recent approval of a kitty party hosted at the IPS mess has drawn attention to the issue of post-retirement vehicle allocations. It’s noteworthy that while IPS officers are entitled to government vehicles as per regulations during their tenure, retired officers or their families often continue to receive such privileges even after retirement. 

When retired officers request vehicles, they are sometimes accommodated, regardless of whether the vehicles are available or if other officers require them. This situation often leads to retired officers obtaining vehicles even when they are not readily available or when other officers need them. In such instances, retired officers may even hire vehicles at their own expense. 

This raises concerns about equitable resource allocation within the police department and highlights the need for a review of policies regarding post-retirement benefits and privileges. It’s crucial to ensure fairness and transparency in the distribution of government resources, even after an officer’s retirement, to uphold the integrity of the institution and prevent misuse of public funds.

Retired Officers Receive No Official Allocation of Government Vehicles: Disciplinary Officer

Question: Is there any provision in the police manual to provide government vehicles to retired officers even after retirement?

Answer: There is no such provision. However, retired officers are allocated vehicles due to their long-standing service in the police department.

Question: Are charges levied for the use of these vehicles?

Answer: No, vehicles are provided only for events organized at the IPS mess, and there are no charges associated with their use.

Question: Do retired officers’ families also receive vehicles?

Answer: No, vehicles are only provided when there are events at the IPS mess.

Wife Receives Government Vehicle Three Times a Week for Household Errands

Amidst an investigation by Source, it has been uncovered that the wife of a retired officer has been provided with a government vehicle three times a week for household errands. 

This revelation emerged when it was noted that the health of the wife of a former officer, who had previously held a significant position, had not been stable since last July. As a result, she has been availing herself of a government vehicle three times a week for the past few months to cater to her needs.

Retired Officers Resort to Renting “She Teams” Cars When Necessary

Sources indicate that at times when the need arises, some active “She Teams” in Ahmedabad city opt to rent Innovas, despite the availability of government vehicles. 

In instances where they do not have access to these cars, the police department provides vehicles to retired officers on rent after they have paid the fee.

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