Vadodara Incident: 4 Women Strip Half-Naked on Public Road after Theft in Karelibagh

Two women cornered the worker in the shop, while two others stole Rs. 25,000 from the cash counter. The crowd, including elderly individuals, took matters into their own hands and assaulted the women.

Four women were seen running partially clothed on Karelibagh Water Tank Char Road around 1 pm on Sunday. Later, it was discovered that the woman had stolen from a laundry shop and fled. They resorted to running partially clothed on the public road to avoid being attacked by people. The Karelibagh police brought the women to the police station. The laundry shop filed a complaint at the Karelibag police station. On the other hand, the women also filed a complaint stating that they had been assaulted by people.

There is a laundry named Altaf Sheikh’s England located in Jai Ranchhoda Flat near Karelibagh Ambalal Park Char Rasta. On Sunday afternoon, Altafbhai went home to have lunch, leaving Iqbal to work inside the shop. At a quarter to one, two women entered the shop and surrounded Iqbal. Two women were standing near the cash counter. Before Iqbal could comprehend what was happening, the women quickly left the shop. As they were leaving, Iqbal realized that they were taking money from the shop’s cash drawers. Iqbal chased after them, shouting.

Hearing the commotion, people beat the women near the water tank on Char Road. As a result, the women took off their clothes on the road itself. The police brought the women to the police station. When Altafbhai and Iqbalbhai reached the police station, they filed a complaint against the women. According to DCP Panna Momaya, the women were partially clothed themselves out of fear of being beaten. Iqbal stated that four women ran away with Rs. 25,000 from the cash counter. Rs. 9,300 have been recovered after some money fell on the road during the pursuit.

There is a debate among people regarding the appropriateness of resorting to violence against women. During the inquiry, it was revealed that the four women are cousins who reside with their grandmother in the slums of Vadodara. When asked about their father’s name, they were unable to provide any information. Additionally, the women pronounce their names differently. The police are currently investigating the criminal history of the woman.

On social media platforms, including discussions involving Jignesh Mevani, there is discourse regarding the ethics of physically assaulting women in this manner. The women communicate in Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati, which has created a challenge for the police in verifying their identities. During interrogation, the women respond in Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi interchangeably.

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