Rajkot Tragedy: Father-Son Fatalities in 2-Second Mishap, Bike Skids, Collides, CCTV Captures Heart-Wrenching Incident

A tragic accident has occurred on Sant Kabir Road in Rajkot, involving a tanker and a motorcycle. In this unfortunate mishap, Ajay Shaileshbhai Parmar and his father Shaileshbhai Parmar lost their lives. The tanker’s wheels veered off the road, endangering both father and son, who were nearby, attempting to avoid the ditch and the pedestrians. Both bodies have been transferred to the Civil Hospital for post-mortem examination. The entire area has been filled with onlookers, gathering to witness the aftermath of the incident.

Familial Tragedy

Familial Tragedy: Surat to Rajkot Journey for Sister’s Wedding Ends in Mourning

In a heartrending turn of events, Shaileshbhai Parmar, hailing from Sant Kabir Road, Rajkot, was engaged in his routine employment of chain cutting at his residence. Meanwhile, the deceased Ajay Parmar was employed in Surat at L&T.

The occasion of his sister’s wedding beckoned Ajay Parmar from Surat to Rajkot. The matrimonial festivities were scheduled for Wednesday, while the auspicious rituals were to commence the following day. However, tragedy struck as both father and son lost their lives in a devastating accident, depriving the family of their bond.

File photo of father and son. (father Shaileshbhai Parmar on the right, son Ajay Parmar on the left)

Tragic Demise Strikes at the Scene: Father and Son Succumb in Road Mishap

Hitesh Parmar, the bereaved brother of the deceased, disclosed that both father and son used to commute from Yard Nagar to Gola every morning between 8 and 9 am. Unfortunately, tragedy befell them when their motorcycle slipped, causing them to collide with the tanker’s tires, resulting in their immediate demise at the scene. The son is employed at L&T in Surat. He had traveled from Surat to attend his uncle’s daughter’s wedding in Rajkot. This entire incident has enveloped the family in an atmosphere of profound grief.

Died on the spot

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