Fatal Vadodara Accident: Container Collides with 5 Cars and Rickshaw, 2 Dead, 9 Injured, 2 Critical

A container had overturned on the highway from Karjan towards Vadodara near Kandari, causing heavy traffic congestion on the road. Due to the closure of one lane on the highway, vehicles were passing through the remaining two lanes, leading to a chaotic situation. At that time, another container traveling from Bharuch towards Vadodara collided with five cars and a rickshaw. This resulted in two fatalities and nine injuries, two of which are critical. All the injured have been rushed to Vadodara for medical treatment.

Five Cars and a Rickshaw Involved in Collision with Container on the Highway

With vacations in full swing, there is an increase in both leisure travel and business commutes. The traffic movement between Vadodara and Surat has intensified, particularly on the main container track from Karjan to Vadodara. This led to vehicles spilling over to the adjacent tracks, causing traffic on the second and third lanes.

Serious Condition of Two Individuals Among the Injured

In the midst of this traffic, another container driver, on the way from Bharuch to Vadodara, arrogantly accelerated his container, hitting five cars and a rickshaw in a reckless manner. One rickshaw climbed onto the divider. While passengers in the cars sustained minor injuries, two individuals in the rickshaw suffered serious injuries, resulting in their unfortunate demise.

All Deceased Individuals Residents of Surat

In this unfortunate incident, Surat residents Swatiben Amishbhai Sariya and Sanjaybhai Gamanlal Sariya lost their lives due to the serious injuries sustained at the accident scene. As the conditions of the remaining nine individuals are being monitored for injuries, it has been revealed that two are in critical condition. The involvement of vehicles from Vadodara and Surat in the mishap is being investigated. The police are actively handling the case for the Vadodara traffic department.

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