New Complaint Emerges Against ‘Raniba’ as Vibhuti Faces Backlash for Public Sword Cake Cutting Video on Birthday

Two days ago in the city of Morbi, Gujarat, a heartbreaking incident of cruelty unfolded against a Dalit youth. Engaged in marketing work in Morbi, the young man had worked for 16 days in Rani Industries. When he demanded his salary, female accused, along with others, allegedly beat him with sandals and forced him to apologize, which was captured in a video. The youth had filed a complaint with the police, stating that he had received threats on his life. All the accused in this case are currently on the run, and the police are monitoring their social media accounts for updates.

Monitoring of Accused Through Social Media Accounts

According to available information, the Cyber Cell Technical Department PSI A.D. Jadeja has filed a complaint against the accused Vibhuti alias Raniba Hitendrabhai Sitapara on Instagram. The complaint alleges that all the accused involved in the salary dispute have fled, prompting the police to monitor their social media accounts.

Vibhuti Celebrates Birthday with Sword-Cutting Cake

At this time, Vibhuti uploaded a video on her Instagram account raniba_07 on 3/9/2022. The video showed Vibhuti celebrating her birthday in a public place, cutting multiple cakes with a sword bearing the name Rani Ba. Based on this evidence, the police took legal action against Vibhuti in connection with the complaint.

Overview of the Entire Case

Last month, a complainant, a young man working in the export department of Rani Industries near Ravapar Chowkdi, Morbi, alleged that he was forced to leave his job after half a month. Although the salary was supposed to be deposited on the 5th of the month, the youth did not receive it.

Frustrated with the lack of response to his salary demand, the youth went to Rani Ba’s office with his friends to complain. There, he was allegedly beaten by Vibhuti, her brother, and her friend. Vibhuti Patel later apologized to the youth, but the situation escalated when Raj Patel, feeling insulted, took the matter into his own hands. A video was recorded in which Vibhuti allegedly threatened the youth in a derogatory manner, leading to further humiliation.

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