Deputy Collector Caught in Shocking Drunk State: Manjalpur Police Arrests Official | Watch Video

Manjalpur Police arrests former Deputy Collector Navin Bhatt, who retired from his post, after he was caught driving recklessly near the sensitive area of Rong Circle in Vadodara. Fortunately, no casualties occurred due to the incident.

Vadodara: Retired Deputy Collector involved in an accident while driving drunk. Manjalpur Police arrests Navin Bhatt, who retired from the Deputy Collector post. The incident occurred near Rong Circle, where Bhatt’s car collided with another vehicle. Thankfully, no casualties reported.

After the accident, a crowd gathered at the accident site due to the sudden occurrence. Police reached the scene to investigate the incident. During the police examination of the car driven by Navin Bhatt, who was found to be in a drunk state, he was later subjected to a medical check-up. Navin Bhatt, retired from the Deputy Collector post in January, hails from Chotauddepur and resides in the Chandralok Society. Currently, the police have taken custody of the car and filed a comprehensive case involving charges.


A crowd gathered as an accident occurred involving a car driven by Navin Bhatt, a retired Deputy Collector from Chotauddepur. Police arrived at the scene to investigate, finding Bhatt in a drunk state. He underwent a medical check-up and police have taken possession of the car. Bhatt had retired in January and resides in Chandralok Society. A comprehensive case has been filed by the police regarding the incident.

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