Priyanka Gandhi’s Gujarat Entry?: Daman-Diu Seat Debate; Congress Chief Emphasizes High Command’s Call for Booth-Level Details

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) revealed its initial list of candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections yesterday (Saturday), featuring 195 names. Prime Minister Modi is set to contest from Varanasi, with tickets allocated to two former chief ministers. Notably, the list includes 28 women, 47 youth, 27 SC, 18 ST, and 57 OBC candidates. 

With the BJP’s announcement, anticipation grows for the Congress party to release its list of candidates soon. Particularly, discussions revolve around the potential candidacy of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi for the Daman Diu seat in the Lok Sabha elections. The President of Daman engaged in a special conversation with the media regarding this matter, reflecting the attention drawn to the upcoming electoral dynamics.

Daman Congress President Ketan Patel

Congress Leader Ketan Patel Discusses Priyanka Gandhi’s Potential Candidacy

In a media interaction, Daman’s Congress chief, Ketan Patel, disclosed that Priyanka Gandhi is being considered as a potential candidate. He expressed a welcoming attitude towards this proposal from Daman-Diu. High Command is responsible for providing data along with accountability. Further details will be revealed shortly. It is known that there are several seats in South Gujarat, and Congress has historically maintained its stronghold there. 

Similarly, in Saurashtra… if Priyanka Gandhi contests from the Union Territory of Daman and Diu, South Gujarat could also be covered, and due to Diu, Saurashtra might also be covered. The party has made such a decision to ensure Priyanka Ji’s presence here, which implies if Priyanka Gandhi contests from the Union Territory of Daman and Diu, South Gujarat could also be covered, and due to Diu, Saurashtra might also be covered.


Congress Contemplates Priyanka Gandhi’s Candidacy for Daman-Diu Seat Amidst Changing Political Dynamics

The decision regarding this matter will be taken by the party shortly. The recent meeting was chaired by the Congress party itself. My father has also served as the Member of Parliament for Daman-Diu for two terms. Then Lalubhai came into the scene. Lalubhai too shifted from Congress to BJP. 

However, there hasn’t been anything particularly special for BJP in Daman-Diu. Nevertheless, this seat is secure for Congress, hence Priyanka Ji can contest from here. The Bharatiya Janata Party has been in power for 3 terms. However, there is significant discontent among the people. If we talk only about Diu, 75% of the people are upset with BJP. We can benefit from this in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Moreover, there will be significant advantages from Daman as well.

MP Lalubhai Patel

Lalubhai Patel Repeatedly Nominated for Daman Lok Sabha Seat

Yesterday (Saturday), the BJP held a press conference in Delhi to announce the candidates for the Lok Sabha meeting, unveiling the names of 195 candidates. Among them, Lalubhai Patel’s name was announced for the Lok Sabha seat representing the union territory of Daman. The announcement of Lalubhai Patel’s candidacy brought joyous waves among the BJP workers and supporters in Daman, reflecting their confidence in Lalubhai Patel, who has been nominated by the BJP for the fourth time. 

His repeated nomination reaffirms the party’s trust in his ability to secure victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha meeting. The BJP’s workers in Daman expressed happiness at the development, acknowledging the progress made in the last 15 years under the leadership of Lalubhai Patel and the BJP’s commitment to development initiatives in the region.

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