Youths Engage in GST Theft via Bogus Firm: Forging Signatures of Women Lawyers in Surat, Fabricating Fake Leases, and Generating Fraudulent Bills Worth Rs. 2 Crores

The lawyer Eko Sale has been accused of involvement in a case of creating fake bills to fraudulently claim GST input credit from the government. The allegations suggest that the accused individuals, in collaboration with a lawyer, created fake invoices to fraudulently claim Rs. 2 crores in input credit. They are also accused of using a fake notary coin created by the lawyer for fraudulent rental agreements.

One of the accused individuals, Kirtanben Gulal, practices law as a solicitor in Shripad Ethics on L.P. Savani Road. The fake bills were used in dealings related to Shah Enterprises and Ketan Enterprises. In another case, involving the ownership of Shoaib Samshuddin Ghavate’s store on Vadodara’s Soyeb Samshuddin Ghavate, a fraudulent rental agreement was created for the purpose of claiming input credit. The accused, in exchange for a new individual, used a photo and documents of another person. Additionally, the rental agreement in this case was also found to be fraudulent.

The documents were also found to be forged.

When the female lawyer checked the details of the rental agreement, it was revealed that not only was the rental agreement not in her name, but someone had also used her name to create a fake coin. The complainants raised objections to the documents submitted by the accused, claiming that the documents were also forged. The female lawyer lodged a complaint with the Kaviyam branch, stating that her name and documents were used without her knowledge.

The police obtained a four-day remand for both individuals involved in using fake identities to create a bogus caste certificate. Shah Sunil Jamnadas of Shah Enterprises and Ketan Kantilal Makwana of Ketan Enterprises, who used the names Shoaib Thavate and Ketan Kantiya, respectively, were accused of committing forgery by using false identities. Eko Sale conducted the investigation, and during the probe, Shoban Usmanbhai Kureshi (24, near Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme, Subhashnagar Crematorium, Bhavnagar) and Umang Jogeshbhai Patel (33, near Dwarka) were also arrested in connection with the case. Both were remanded into police custody for four days.

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