10th Grade Student Kidnapping: Vadodara Girl Goes Missing After Charging Phone in Gotri, Mother Files Complaint

A complaint has been filed at the Gotri Police Station in Vadodara regarding the kidnapping of a 10th-grade student residing in Gotri. The complainant, a woman originally from Uttar Pradesh and currently residing in Vadodara, stated that she lives with her husband and 16-year-old daughter who is a student in a private school. On November 15th, her daughter woke up at 8 AM, and when they went to sleep together, the daughter was not at home. The complainant, who works at a hotel from 12 PM, left for work, and her husband, who is employed elsewhere, was at home. When she returned home at 3:30 PM, she found her daughter missing, and the door was open. The complainant’s husband, who was downstairs, informed her that he gave money for mobile charging and the daughter went upstairs. However, upon checking, they found that the daughter was not at home.

Initiated search for the missing daughter The complainant inquired with security guards in their complex but could not find any information. She started searching for her daughter outside and approached the security guard to question him about her daughter. The security guard informed her that he saw her daughter leaving with someone. Fearing that her daughter might have been kidnapped, the complainant initiated a search for her missing daughter.

The missing girl The complainant described her daughter as wearing a Punjabi dress with a pink color and having a fair complexion with a slim build. The case has been registered at Gotri Police Station as a kidnapping complaint.

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