Massive Raid Unveils Liquor Godown in Morbi: State Monitoring Cell Seizes 61,000 Bottles of Liquor Hidden in Fruit & Salt Boxes

With days left until the Lok Sabha elections, the State Monitoring Cell of Gandhinagar swiftly raided a foreign liquor godown near Lalpar village in Morbi late at night. The State Monitoring Cell (SMC) seized 3,210 packets of liquor concealed in fruit and salt boxes. 

Additionally, the State Monitoring Cell has seized a whopping 61,000 bottles of liquor, amounting to a value of ₹2.18 crore, in various raids across Dareda. The sudden discovery of a large quantity of liquor in Morbi has prompted the police to conduct thorough bottle counts throughout the night. Furthermore, the authorities have apprehended 10 suspects in connection with this case.

2.18 crore worth of goods seized including 3210 cases of liquor.

Massive Haul of Foreign Liquor Seized

According to sources, a significant quantity of foreign liquor was confiscated in a rapid operation. Identified as Godown in Lalpar Estate near the Morbi-Wankaner highway, the premises were raided by a team from the State Monitoring Cell, Gandhinagar, who coordinated with local police to conduct the operation late at night. 

The presence of a large stash of liquor in the godown led to the apprehension of individuals present at the scene. The seizure of such a substantial amount of foreign liquor has sparked a flurry of speculation and inquiries into the circumstances surrounding its presence.

Liquor cutting was done from here in Morbi Panthak.

Arrest of 10 Suspects

Dy.SP K.T. Kamaria of the SMC revealed that a person named Shankarlal Patel, based in Ahmedabad and Bhawanisingh from Lalpar had begun renting the godown for liquor storage at an exorbitant price five months prior. Upon receiving information, a raid was conducted on the godown associated with him, where 61,000 bottles of liquor, valued at ₹1.51 crore, were found. 

Additionally, seven vehicles were seized from the premises, amounting to ₹66.55 lakh in value, along with 10 mobile phones. The total value of confiscated assets, including the liquor and vehicles, stands at ₹2.18 crore. With the discovery of such a large cache of liquor in Morbi, the SMC team had to conduct bottle counts throughout the night.

Dy.sp KT Kamaria of SMC.

Liquor Smuggling from Rajasthan to Gujarat Unveiled

It has been revealed that individuals accused, notably a person named Jimit Patel from Ahmedabad, allegedly engaged in liquor smuggling from Bharat Marwari and Raja Ram Marwari in Rajasthan. Following the smuggling, the liquor was purportedly sold in various areas including Morbi, Wankaner, Halvad, Thangadh, and Chotila. 

The apprehended suspects confessed to their involvement in the illicit liquor trade. Additionally, it was found that one of the accused, connected with the named Jimit Patel, had employed Ramesh Punja from Kutch as a cashier for the liquor business. Further investigation has exposed the entire operation orchestrated by Ramesh.

SMC raided liquor godown in Morbi late at night.

Main Accomplice in Liquor Trade Evades Capture

The primary mastermind behind the liquor smuggling operation is currently at large, as confirmed by Deputy Superintendent of Police K.T. Kamaria during SMC’s interrogation of Ramesh. The revelation came when it was disclosed that two vehicles were scheduled for cutting within a week. Concerns have been raised regarding the lack of visibility of local police when such large-scale liquor cutting operations are taking place. 

Presently, SMC, in collaboration with Morbi Taluka Police, has initiated investigations against 10 suspects. However, Jimit Patel, the alleged orchestrator of the liquor business, and the two individuals from Rajasthan have managed to evade arrest, prompting authorities to label them as fugitives.

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