Russian Military Aircraft Crashes with 65 Ukrainian Cadets: Tragic Incident Unfolds in Belgorod Region

A Russian military transport aircraft, identified as an IL-76, crashed in the western Belgorod region of Russia, reportedly around 11 am local time. The plane was carrying 65 cadets. According to media reports, the IL-76 is a military transport aircraft. It is claimed in media reports that all the occupants on the plane have perished in the crash, although this information cannot be independently confirmed.

In videos released by RT India, a Russian military transport aircraft can be seen suddenly descending and crashing into a small refinery. The aircraft was an IL-76 with a length of 164 feet. After the crash, the plane caught fire.

According to RIA Novosti news agency, the Russian Ministry of Defense informed that there were 65 Ukrainian soldiers on the plane intended to be transported to the border with Ukraine in the Belgorod region. The plane had 6 crew members and 3 escorts for transportation. The video footage of the incident has been released.

In January 2024, the 48th exchange of prisoners took place between Ukraine and Russia. This exchange involved the largest number of prisoners involved in conflicts over the past 23 months, and the exchange was facilitated and supervised by the authorities of the UAE. During this period, Russia released 230 Ukrainian citizens, and Ukraine, in turn, released 248 Russian prisoners. This exchange marked the 48th instance of such swaps between the two countries during the ongoing conflicts.

In 2016, there was another military plane crash in Russia. The incident involved an II-18 aircraft from the Ministry of Defence, carrying approximately 39 people, with 16 individuals sustaining serious injuries.

About Ilyushin-76: The Ilyushin-76 is a strategic airlifter with a unique configuration, featuring four engines and the capability to carry a maximum weight of around 40,000 kilograms at one time. This Russian-made aircraft is designed for transporting relief supplies and a large number of passengers. It has been utilized by countries like Russia, Ukraine, India, and the Libyan Air Force for various transportation purposes.

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