Ludo for Learning: How Does This Game Help?

Board games are not only meant for entertainment or socialization. They teach us exceptional concepts along with life lessons. Every game you play has a range of benefits that we often miss. Ludo is a fascinating example of a classic board game offering excellent lessons. It teaches us about life, logic, and even math. This ancient game’s history dates back hundreds of years. It originated in India and has been renamed as Ludo in 1896. Despite facing the test of time, it still holds its position as one of the best classic board games to fans with its life lessons. 

Ludo’s Lessons for a Better Perspective of Life

When you play a real money Ludo game online, you test your skills and manage your bankroll. Here is how it can teach us excellent lessons of life to follow.

Logic and mathematics

Every board game follows logic and mathematics. The logic of rolling dice and moving tokens makes this board game an all-time favorite. This game teaches us how to count and to foresee the outcomes when we were kids. Players learn to discover the consequences of rolling a die and moving tokens. They learn to implement logic to find the best possible move quickly. Its mental benefits make us stronger, calmer, and more composed, enabling us to make logical decisions. We also become mathematically skilled, allowing us to calculate accurately in real life.

The track of life

Two to four players can play this game. The board has four tracks: red, yellow, green, and blue. Each player brings out his tokens after rolling a six and crosses all these colored tracks. In these tracks, you will meet other players. Everyone in this game is trying to outrun and capture others to win. This board track teaches us how you will meet people of many kinds. They will try to outrun you and go ahead. When you pair up with another Ludo player, you will get a partner with your back. Here, Ludo signifies that there will be friends and foes in life. All you have to do is recognize who is who. You will support your partner and vice versa to win a game. Similarly, there will be people amidst many enemies supporting your journey to success.

Patience is always a virtue

The modern era has made us impatient and fast-paced. We don’t have time to show emotions and feel reluctant to spend quality time together. We forget to be us amidst the web of duties. The rat race drives us to work harder the next day. All we have is patience. We tend to lose it every day when we see the real face of life. Playing Ludo teaches us the value of patience. If you are patient, you will act in a composed way. You will make mature decisions based on the circumstances. Rolling a six is hard, but you must wait for the right turn. Your tokens might be stuck inside the house. So, learn to keep patience on your side to win in Ludo. Play this game to learn how to tame the power of patience in real life, too.

Prepare for the worst

Ludo is about rolling a die and taking out tokens to reach the final destination. In the meantime, the opponents will try to take you down. Sometimes, they will succeed in capturing your tokens and returning them to your house. What will you do? Will you quit? Learn not to quit even if facing the worst situations in Ludo. Keep playing until the last turn, and learn from your mistakes. Ludo teaches us to be patient and prepare for the worst. Your contingency plan will take you a long way. You will learn to harness focus and change the plans accordingly. Your mental strength is everything you have in this cruel world. So, learn from Ludo how to prepare for the worst.

Making a move with luck

Ludo teaches you how to calculate your moves on the board tracks. Remember, the outcomes of the dice rolls are not in your hands, but the moves are. This is the beauty of this classic board game. It teaches how things that are not in your hands can change the course of life. You will decide which move to take and what decision to make. It is all about planning and the flexibility to change your plan in real-time. Things will not go as planned. This is the harshest truth we face every now and then. Ludo teaches how to make a move by properly using life’s outcomes. 

Revenge is never the answer

Revenge is never the answer in Ludo and life, too. If the opponents have captured tokens repeatedly, immature players will try to take revenge. Eventually, they will lose their game plan and face defeat. Revenge is a powerful emotion to avoid. If you conquer it, you will become a better player than many. Similarly, revenge is not the answer in life. If you plan the seed of revenge for someone you despise, it will eat you inside. Your mind will remain engaged in such negative thoughts. Hence, you will lose focus on your goals. Even if you take revenge, it will harm both. Ludo teaches us how to keep our focus on the game. It teaches how controlling your emotions can lead to victory.

Safe zones

Ludo’s safe zones teach us how to define a few for us in real life. For instance, you have progressed with potential tokens on the Ludo board. The opponents are right behind you. You rolled the correct number and entered a safe zone. How secure will you feel? You can do the same in your real life. Prepare safe zones where you can seek a resort if things get worse. 

Moving Forward in Life with Ludo

Ludo and its lessons teach us how to develop strength and maintain focus. It teaches us that life will not be the same. So, be prepared with your best strategies for the worst. Be flexible when changing your perspective when the pieces are not falling in the right places. Your dedication and focus help you win.

Shailesh Nagpal

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