SMC Raids Liquor Dens Across Ahmedabad: Unearths Hydraulic Cellar for Stashing Liquor in Odhav, Sola, and More

In the city of Ahmedabad, a team from the State Monitoring Cell raided six places simultaneously after a long time and confiscated both Indian-made and English-made liquor. Such raids were not limited to urban areas but also occurred in rural areas, where alcohol was being sold. Even a hydraulic boiler used for distillation was seized during one of the raids in a western area. The simultaneous raids conducted in Ahmedabad have sparked significant discussion. There are also discussions regarding the sale of illegal liquor in rural areas even after the transfer of a police inspector.

Yesterday, a team from the State Monitoring Cell raided a shop near the Bapashitaram Chowk in the Krishna Nagar area and seized 119 bottles of liquor. The police arrested Vedant Tivari and Shrikant Tamchene. Bootlegger Raju Chauhan from Naroda had supplied the liquor to all the youths. The State Monitoring Cell has recorded the arrest of all involved at the Krishna Nagar police station.

In Chamunda Nagar, located in Odhav Extension, Ajay Gohil operates a stand for selling country liquor. Acting on this information, a team from the State Monitoring Cell (SMC) encountered the situation. Based on the tip-off, the SMC conducted a raid and swiftly apprehended 38 bootleggers. The SMC seized 125 liters of country liquor, 28 mobile phones, and four vehicles, amounting to a total of 2.96 lakh rupees. The SMC has registered a case at the Odhav Police Station and has initiated an investigation.

Based on information received about liquor being concealed near the Laxminarayan Temple in Usmanpura, the State Monitoring Cell (SMC) took action. Acting on the tip-off, the SMC raided Damodar Bhuvan and seized 479 bottles of liquor. Additionally, 71 empty bottles were also found. Nillesh Arya, Sanjay Marwadi, and Natwar Solanki were apprehended by the SMC. The SMC has registered a case in Vadaj police station and initiated an investigation.

Based on the information received, the State Monitoring Cell (SMC) conducted a raid at Maheshwari Society, House No. 5, in Nikol village. During the raid, the SMC seized 73 bottles of beer and liquor. Kiran Vasavani was apprehended by the SMC. Kiran is an employee involved in selling liquor, but the owner, Suresh Bhadoriya, is listed. The SMC has filed a complaint at the Nikol Police Station against a total of nine individuals.

The State Monitoring Cell (SMC) conducted a raid at the illicit liquor den near the Jay Chemical Factory in the Odhav GIDC area. During the raid, three individuals, Arvind Parmar, Pravin Rajput, and Ninkuj Gotrekar, were apprehended with a total of 230 bottles of country liquor. The liquor racket was being operated by Rangila Yadav, with Reitesh Chhara being his partner. The Odhav police have announced the arrest of three bootleggers and issued three warrants in connection with the case.

Upon receiving information about an ongoing liquor operation near the Chandlodiya railway tracks, the State Monitoring Cell (SMC) team conducted a raid. During the raid, 29 liters of country liquor were seized by the SMC. The police also apprehended eight individuals, including two women, involved in the illicit liquor trade. Hiren Dantani and others have been arrested and a complaint has been lodged at the local police station.

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