Tragic End to 6-Year Relationship: PGVCL Engineer in Rajkot Accused of Rape, Girl Commits Suicide

In Rajkot, a young woman, who had been living as a paying guest (PG) for six years in different places, became a victim of sexual assault. Afterward, when she refused to marry the accused, he allegedly referred to her as a “prostitute” and denied marrying her because she came from a different social background. In response to the refusal of marriage, the woman reportedly attempted to commit suicide by consuming acid. Later, in critical condition, she was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.

The victim had initially developed a romantic relationship with the accused, but the accused took advantage of her by allegedly committing acts of sexual violence. Following the alleged sexual assault, the accused reportedly kept an intimate relationship with the victim for the past six years. Their relationship began in October 2017, and they had been living together continuously for those six years.

This is a case of sexual violence and exploitation, and it is crucial that law enforcement authorities investigate the matter thoroughly and take appropriate legal action against the accused. It’s important to ensure justice and support for the victim.

The accused had been living with the victim for the past six years, and they had developed a romantic relationship. However, when the accused refused to marry her, citing differences in social background, he called the victim a “prostitute.” In response to this rejection, the victim attempted to commit suicide by consuming acid. Subsequently, she was rushed to a civil hospital for immediate medical attention. Following the acid attack, the victim was admitted to a civil hospital for emergency care, and the incident was reported to the Gandhigram police station. The accused was taken into custody and detained for investigation.

It’s important to note that the victim had completed her MBBS and was working in the hospital, but she had quit her job due to depression caused by the traumatic incident. The accused’s actions not only resulted in physical harm but also had a severe psychological impact on the victim. This case highlights the need for prompt and effective legal action against perpetrators of such heinous crimes and emphasizes the importance of providing support and counseling to victims of sexual violence.

The accused had recorded a video of the victim while attempting to commit the acid attack instead of helping her during the situation. The incident took place at a flat located on Morbi Road Bypass. The accused had approached the victim with a proposal for marriage, and when she refused, he made an attempt to force her to drink acid.

At this point, the victim confronted the accused and asked him to focus on preparing for marriage instead of being preoccupied with recording a video. She went to the police station in Gandhi Gram and filed a complaint against the accused.

Following the complaint, the police initiated an investigation and charged the accused, identified as Ankur Harkishan Agrawat, with various offenses, including IPC 376 (2)(N) 4,6, and other sections related to atrocity. He was taken into custody, and the police are conducting a thorough inquiry into the matter. This case highlights the gravity of the offense and the need for strict legal action against those who engage in such acts of violence and harassment against women.

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