Serious Allegations: Vadodara BJP President Accused of Threats and Assault in Maintenance Dispute

In Ward 18 of Manjalpur, Vadodara, the local BJP leader, Parth Patel, is embroiled in a contentious dispute involving his wife, who has been living with her parents for an extended period. The situation escalated when his wife began staying with her son and her in-laws. Allegedly, Parth Patel was involved in a physical altercation, leading to a formal complaint filed with the Manjalpur police, who are currently investigating the case further. The investigation includes both physical and psychological aspects, as they are trying to gather information and evidence to understand the full scope of the situation. It’s essential to follow the developments in this case to see how it unfolds legally and within the community.

The incident involves members of the BJP party coming to support Parth Patel, a councilor in Ward 18 of Manjalpur, Vadodara, who is facing allegations of involvement in a dispute with his wife. It appears that Parth Patel’s party colleagues, including councilors Kalpesh Patel and Jashwantsinh Solanki, arrived to show support for him in this matter. This case has gained attention, as family members of the aggrieved party have accused the police of siding with Parth Patel and his associates.

The case you describe involves a dispute and alleged violence between a married couple in Godhra. According to the complaint filed with the Manjalpur Police, the wife claims to have been living with her husband and in-laws in Godhra for about twelve years. The issue appears to be related to social norms and expectations, as the husband had married another woman following these customs, and the wife decided to live separately.

The wife had filed a case in the family court regarding maintenance and other related matters. The situation escalated when her husband’s family contacted her, expressing a desire for reconciliation and asked her to come to her in-law’s place. She went to her husband’s family home in Rasoda. There, she was confronted by her husband’s family, including her mother-in-law, and her husband returned to their residence. An altercation ensued, and she alleged that she was physically assaulted, with her mother-in-law, husband, and another relative involved.

The police have registered a case in this matter, and it will be essential to follow the legal proceedings and investigation to understand the final outcome of the case and the actions taken by the authorities involved.

In the incident you describe, it seems that local residents were alerted to the situation and some of them immediately rushed to the scene. They likely called the police, and as a result, law enforcement arrived and took you to the Manjalpur Police Station.

Your extended family and relatives were also informed about the incident, and they too came to your house and the police station. It appears that your husband’s actions, including alleged physical assault, led to legal intervention, and your case was brought to the attention of the authorities. The situation will likely be further investigated by the police and, if necessary, legal action will be taken based on the evidence and statements provided.

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