Tragic Mass Suicide: 7 Family Members in Surat End Lives Together, Father’s Poisoning and Hanging

A distressing incident has unfolded near Palanpur Patiya, where a family of seven members in Siddheshwar Apartments has been affected by a collective tragedy. Currently, the police have arrived at the scene and are conducting investigations. Concerns have arisen that the family’s patriarch allegedly administered poison to the family members after causing a commotion.

Seven Family Members Fall Victim to Poisoning

According to available information, the family includes a husband, wife, parents, and two children, along with one infant. This incident has triggered a thorough police investigation. The authorities have initially focused on the deceased bodies’ post-mortem examinations, with bodies being transported to the hospital for autopsies. The local community and relatives in the vicinity have been engaged, with suspicions arising due to the prevailing economic crisis in the family.

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