Tragic Accident in Mumbai’s Bandra: Uncontrolled Car Hits 6 Vehicles, Resulting in 3 Deaths and 6 Injuries

In Bandra, Mumbai, a tragic incident occurred on Thursday night where a car accident resulted in the death of three individuals, with six others sustaining injuries. Two of the injured individuals are reported to be in serious condition, and all the victims have been admitted to nearby hospitals. The accident occurred just 100 meters before the Sea Link in Bandra.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Krishna Kant Upadhyay from Zone 9 in Mumbai, the incident took place around 10:15 PM when a speeding Innova car was traveling towards Bandra. At the toll plaza, just 100 meters before the Sea Link, the car collided with six parked vehicles. The driver of the car is currently under investigation, and the case is being examined further.

The accident has left the local community in shock, and authorities are actively looking into the details surrounding the tragic incident.

During the attempt to avoid the collision with other vehicles on the Sea Link, the driver of the car reportedly increased the speed, which resulted in the car colliding with six parked vehicles. According to media reports, the driver initially tried to maneuver and prevent the collision with the other vehicles at the Sea Link. However, this led to the car colliding with the parked vehicles, causing it to overturn. The police have also reported that the car’s driver sustained injuries in the accident. The vehicle involved in the incident has been seized for further investigation.

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