Tragic Accident: Nicm Student on Activa Fatally Struck by Bus near Reliance Circle, Gandhinagar

Yesterday night, near the Reliance Circle in Gandhinagar, a tragic accident occurred involving a private bus driven recklessly by its driver. The bus collided with an Activa scooter, carrying three young women, causing them to fall off the vehicle. One of the victims, a 23-year-old MBA student from Nicm College, lost her life due to the serious injuries sustained at the scene. Prompt legal action was taken by the Infocity Police upon reaching the location.

Collision at Reliance Circle Creates Chaos on TCS Road

The collision between a private bus and an Activa scooter near Reliance Circle has left a hopeful young woman in a critical condition. The incident occurred as the traffic on TCS Road faced disruption due to road repair work, causing heavy congestion. The reckless driving of vehicles in such situations is not uncommon, and immediate legal action is needed to prevent such incidents.

Tragedy Strikes Friends on an Ice Cream Outing

An ice cream outing near Reliance Circle turned tragic when an Activa scooter collided with a private bus, resulting in a fatal accident. The three young women on the scooter were hit by the bus driven by an Activa employee. The impact caused the scooter to overturn, leading to serious injuries for the riders. Unfortunately, one of the friends succumbed to her injuries at the scene.

Family Mourns the Loss of Young Woman in Road Accident

The Infocity Police reported that the deceased, Hansa, hailing from the new Marwada of Kariyana’s family, was a first-year MBA student at Nicm College. She was engaged to Jaydip Jayantibhai Panchal from Sector 5B. The tragic incident occurred near their shop at Reliance Circle, where the collision with the bus led to Hansa’s untimely demise. Charges have been filed against the bus driver for his reckless behavior.

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