Eicher Accident on Ahmedabad-Vadodara Express Highway: Fire Team Rescues Trapped Driver

A sudden incident occurred near the Bhutarda Railway Overbridge in Anand district when the railing of the divider under the high-level crossing of the Aisher Express was broken, causing it to spread rapidly below the railway track. The driver of Aisher managed to reach safety in this unexpected situation. Currently, the Aisher driver is reported to be under medical care at Vadodara Hospital.

Transporter’s Dilemma in Narol Expansion, Ahmedabad

Ravindra Jilesingh Chaudhary, working in the transportation business in Ahmedabad’s Narol expansion, is operating the Aisher company’s vehicle with registration number GJ 27 TD 9200 on the route from Ahmedabad to Selvas. Sanjay Kumar Ramnath Gupta, from Uttar Pradesh, serves as the driver. The driver, Sanjay Gupta, had departed from Selvas to deliver goods to Ahmedabad via Aisher Express Highway. However, during a routine journey on the Ahmedabad-Vadodara Express Highway, near the Bhutarda Railway Overbridge in the vicinity of Anand taluka, the Aisher vehicle experienced a sudden spread below the railway track, with the driver, Sanjay Gupta, losing control of the steering, leading to the breaking of the divider railing.

Prompt Response to Anand Fire Brigade

Upon learning of the incident, the Anand Fire Brigade team quickly reached the site, conducted a rescue operation, and successfully extricated the trapped driver from the Aisher’s cabin. Subsequently, the injured driver was transferred to Anand General Hospital for further medical attention. Following this incident, the owner of the transport company, Ravindra Chaudhary, filed a complaint with the Anand Rural Police Station against Aisher driver Sanjay Gupta. Based on this complaint, the police have initiated legal proceedings.

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