Taral Bhatt’s Hearing at Junagadh District Court: ATS Seeks Remand for 14 Days, Citing 13 Reasons Amid Ongoing Investigation

On February 3rd, Taral Bhatt is scheduled to appear in the Junagadh District Court on Saturday. The government prosecutor had sought a 14-day remand for Taral Bhatt. However, Taral Bhatt’s lawyer had argued that there was no direct demand for money from the complainant. The primary accused in the entire incident are officials from the SOG. The government prosecutor had questioned, “Where did the data come from? Who provided it?” 

Furthermore, the defense presented evidence in favor of the accused, leading to the rejection of Taral Bhatt’s remand and his release into judicial custody. Further hearings will be conducted in due course under the supervision of the Sessions Judge.

Investigation into ATS Suspects: Banking Fraud and Cyber Crime

The investigation into the suspects by the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has brought to light 13 significant reasons presented before the court in Junagadh. ATS had demanded a 14-day remand for the suspects in the Junagadh court. The suspects have been questioned primarily by the police custody, and the details provided for the remand reasons include technical details obtained mainly from Taral Bhatt. There’s ongoing scrutiny in court, delving into various aspects, including the need to obtain details from Bhatt. ATS has presented 13 reasons for remand before the court, a few of which are detailed below.

The suspects allegedly engaged in fraudulent activities related to cricket betting, freezing accounts of certain individuals, and coercing them to deposit 40% to 50% of their funds. They froze accounts across approximately 386 different banks. The investigation aims to uncover who else might have been involved in these fraudulent activities and when and where these criminal activities took place.

The suspects intended to withdraw 40% to 50% of the deposited amount from the account holders. This information was acquired from 360 frozen bank accounts. Unauthorized access to data from these frozen accounts raises questions about who accessed the data and why. Understanding these details is crucial to unraveling the truth behind the crimes.

Among the frozen accounts, Kartik Bhandari’s account held a balance of Rs. 55,33,316. A demand for a launch of Rs. 25 lakh was made as a threat after the account was frozen. This raises questions about how the suspects obtained funds from other bank account holders and why such demands were made.

A mobile phone seized from the suspect lacked a SIM card, and the suspect had been in contact with various individuals through WhatsApp calls. Investigation into the contacts stored in the phone and the virtual numbers used is deemed essential.

The suspects allegedly had contact with individuals associated with Dubai’s cricket stadiums and had previously operated in Ahmedabad. The investigation focuses on tracing the communication links involving bank account numbers mentioned in WhatsApp messages.

The suspects have been in voluntary detention since 26/01/2024. The financial assistance they received and from whom, as well as the reasons behind it, are under scrutiny.

The suspects, known to be technically and legally knowledgeable, have not provided fruitful information regarding the investigation. The police custody is striving to utilize the time effectively to obtain meaningful answers from the suspects, who seem to be providing evasive responses. The investigation requires thorough examination and cross-referencing of details stored in the suspect’s mobile phones and the technical analysis they may undergo.

The police inspector in charge of the investigation is technically proficient and legally knowledgeable, striving to uncover valuable information amidst the suspect’s evasive responses and stall tactics.

Controversy Surrounding Taral Bhatt's Transfer to Junagadh

Controversy Surrounding Taral Bhatt’s Transfer to Junagadh

Taral Bhatt, the accused in the alleged Todkand scandal of Junagadh, was once posted at one of the most significant locations in Ahmedabad city. However, amidst controversies, he was transferred to Junagadh. Currently, he is accused in the investigation by ATS, with officials attempting to establish his alleged involvement in misconduct. 

Formerly colleagues from the Crime Branch and officials claim to have observed a pattern of behavior similar to other accused. Recently, Taral Bhatt arrived at Bay Road, Junagadh, where he has been summoned to appear at the Junagadh District Court. If the court decides to remand him for further investigation, Taral Bhatt will have to face the tough questions posed by ATS.

The Accused to Appear Before Junagadh Court in Todkand Case

In the Junagadh Todkand case, the Gujarat ATS has initiated an investigation against a former colleague, Taral Bhatt. Bhatt, who once assisted in various investigations, now finds himself among the accused. Alongside other police personnel, he is facing charges filed in Junagadh. Allegedly involved in an account freezing racket, Bhatt had previously tampered with investigation data. Now, with ATS receiving evidence, they have unearthed this aspect of his past activities. Consequently, he is summoned to appear before the Junagadh court as part of the ongoing investigation into the Todkand case.

ATS Conducts Forensic Examination, Taral Bhatt Faces Remand

ATS Conducts Forensic Examination, Taral Bhatt Faces Remand

Taral Bhatt, once a master at cybercrime detection, now finds himself on the other side of the law. His expertise in cybercrime investigations has now led to suspicions against him, and a remand application is being prepared. Gujarat ATS will take him to the Junagadh court, where the remand application, prepared for investigation purposes, will be presented before the court. Following the court’s decision on the remand application, ATS will request his remand if granted. ATS has conducted a comprehensive forensic examination of the entire case, providing details to the authorities, enabling them to gather substantial evidence against Taral Bhatt.

Summoning Like a Puppet: Accused Turns Investigated

When Taral Bhatt was part of the Crime Branch as PSI, he used to grill several accused individuals with third-degree methods, resembling the interrogation style of a puppeteer. Ironically, he now finds himself in the accused’s shoes, facing the very police interrogation he once orchestrated. This reversal of roles has become a significant topic as ATS tries to extract answers from him in a manner reminiscent of his own past practices.

Shifting Dynamics Amongst Old Friends

According to sources, Taral Bhatt was once caught red-handed keeping a tiffin box ready for an accused in the ATS office, where he was found during a third-party meeting. Now, as rumors swirl, people around him are starting to distance themselves, wary of being associated with him, as the ongoing investigations into the Toadscam case do not paint a favorable picture for anyone involved. 

Despite many of his close friends working within ATS, there’s a palpable sense of unease as nobody wants to risk being associated with any shadow of doubt in Gujarat’s most high-profile case. While many of Taral Bhatt’s acquaintances may be collaborating with ATS, the question lingers: who will bear the brunt if his aid turns out to be significant? This concern keeps many at bay. Now, as one of their own faces allegations, the entire police department is gripped with discussions on the potential implications

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