Hostage Situation Ends in Gandhinagar: Leader of the Panty-Jacketed Gang Apprehended While Holding a Watchman Captive

From the showroom in Kadi, Gujarat, a daring robbery of 6 lakhs and a particularly audacious crime spree involving 13 different instances was uncovered.

In various regions of the district, especially in Kalol taluka, a gang had been tricking security guards during nighttime, using them to forcibly enter a mobile store named “Nanda Auto Mobiles” in Kalol. The gang, composed of individuals wearing balaclavas, held the security guard hostage and then broke into the store’s safe, making off with 6.31 lakhs in cash, as well as silver idols and coins. Subsequently, they managed to escape, leaving the authorities bewildered. The gravity of these crimes prompted the local Crime Branch to intensify its efforts to bring the gang to justice.

On the 19th of October, a significant breakthrough occurred when the gang attempted to rob the Ramko Narasu Palas, who was donning a laborer’s attire, on the highway between Kalol and Mansa. During their attempt, the police’s Local Crime Branch, assisted by a team of Police Sub-Inspector V. A. Shah and Deputy Inspector D. D. Chavda, arrested them. The gang admitted to various crimes, including robberies, hostage-taking, and property theft, in Kalol, Mansa, and other surrounding areas, totaling 13 different instances.

The gang, known to engage in daily labor during the day and conduct break-ins at night, had managed to avoid suspicion through these activities. However, their actions raised concerns, leading the police to conduct a thorough investigation. This ultimately culminated in the successful arrest of the gang members who were behind this spate of crimes.

Niyati Rao

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