Tata Institute of Social Sciences Report: 70% Urban Educators in Gujarat Lack Professional Suitability, Says Company

In the urban expanses of Gujarat, 70% of teachers do not possess professional qualifications. According to the ‘State of Teachers Teaching and Teacher Education Report 2023 (SOTTTER)’ released by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, there is one teacher for every 28 students in Gujarat’s schools. In rural Gujarat, the ratio is one teacher for every 25 students, while in urban Gujarat, it is one teacher for every 33 students. Gujarat ranks 24th in education in the country, lagging behind larger states like Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and West Bengal.

Educational Challenges in Bihar

Bihar faces the most challenging situation, with a student-teacher ratio of 53:1, meaning there is one teacher for every 53 students. The report highlights that Telangana has 80% and Karnataka has 67% urban teachers who lack professional qualifications. In Gujarat, 70% of teachers work in rural areas, and only 28% are employed in private schools. The recent initiation of teacher recruitment by the state government indicates a potential shift.

Lack of Qualification among Teachers in Private Schools

The report reveals that 98% of teachers in the state lack qualifications in private schools. Gujarat leads the nation with the highest percentage of teachers without qualifications in private schools. This percentage is significantly higher than in other states like Madhya Pradesh (89%), Maharashtra (87%), and Rajasthan (90%). Nationally, 69% of teachers without professional qualifications work in rural areas, and 61% are in private schools. Remarkably, only 3% of government schools in Gujarat are operated by a single teacher, while in Andhra Pradesh, 23% of government schools function with just one teacher, marking the highest proportion in the country.

The proportion of urban teachers without professional qualification is high in these 4 states

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